Community inquiry: what does it take to unlock and express our wisdom?


I feel really inspired right now. What happened? From what does this arise? How can we allow our inspiration? How can inspiration be a space for the emergence of wisdom?

This note has 3 pieces. A bad ass poem as am example, a glimpse at the evolution of personal goals that have informed it, and a guide extracted from the whole thing. Just want the poem? It’s at the bottom!


In this moment, I feel the permeation of a sort of wisdom that feels beyond me. This seems to have started as a wash if inspiration.. Is this a delusion of grandeur? I don’t feel “better the thou”, I feel the wisdom of thou…

What does it take to unlock and express our wisdom? Here are some of what I notice and an example, please share your thoughts, what you notice, and examples if you will!


(1) get what inspires you… Allow yourself to notice it… How? Notice when you have goosebumps… That’s what started the journey that has me guided by my devotion now… Notice the tendency to push past these moments… Instead, slow down, and lean into it.. Welcome it..

(2) notice your evolution. I saw a colleagues writing today and it inspired me… I noticed he was tracking the evolution of a goal and realized that in that I could glimpse the evolution of his way of showing up, and the evolution of his being… Why would I slow down when noticing inspiration?

(3) sit with questions
Noticing inspiration I slowed down and sat with the question… “What has me inspired”? Sitting with questions can unlock and open our awareness, as demostrated by Zen Buddhism and contemporary inquiry methods like access consciousness…

(4) feel Into the worldviews of your mentors. A poem by Jennifer Welwood inspires me… Reading it over and over I can sense patterns and then create intuitively with those patterns as context… And perhaps so can you!! See if you can recognize the poem of origin hidden within the context of the example that follows these 7 steps.

(5) Notice the patterns in the evolution of your goals… Notice how they have evolved… What had them evolve… What compelled you to shape them… What insights might have been present… Feel free to allow your mind to break from linear thinking here: Einstein taught us that can cloud the creative process… Instead… Notice, sense and feel into this…

(6) Allow your capacity to be a pro translator… The language of your senses, intuition and feelings are distinct from rational thinking… How can we allow ourselves to translate this into words! Rumi is a great example of this… Use metaphor. Also, lean into the contexts of your favorite poets, teachers… Read them, write thier words and then branch off within their style into your own expression… Notice what opens in this…

(7) write to yourself, frame it in the “we”
Writing to ourselves can eliminate the psyches pull to have us limit ourselves… And framing to the “we” creates connection with your audience.

Check out this example… If it inspires you, give it a try! Post your questions, additions, thoughts, inspirations, examples, etc. challenge me!!

My example:

Some of my goals this year were:

(1) allow a fulfilling, resonant, aligned spiritual love-partnership

(2) discover my inspiration

(3) deepen my integral life practice…

Last month they became

(1) become that which I seek romantically

(2) devote myself to the awakening of self/relationship/humanity

(3) create the worlds most comprehensive Ai coach/zen master/therapist app

Now they are

(1) Deepen in being and becoming through relationship

(2) allow devotional prana/chi to move through me for the awakening of humanity

(3) allow $ effortlessly by providing educational materials/digital education for free to the world

Times change…

In devotion to becoming that which I seek I magnetize it…

In opening to my curiosity I allow unseen worlds to be revealed to me

In devotion to service I am enlivened with the force of the universe

In embracing resistance I set my self, my visions, my relationships, my creative force, my vocation free

In giving of my most Inspiring, aligned, unique gift unto the world free of charge I magnetize all the $ I could ever need

In allowing intimacy with the moment I discover the most profound leverage of my soul

In allowing intimacy with my shadow I allow the potential of my brightness to illuminate the world

In allowing intimacy with my mentors I welcome the effortless evolutionary pull of the Kosmos to exert itself upon me

In allowing my rage in witnessing the corruption of the world I allow ignition of an inner revolution that knows no walls

In allowing my becoming I welcome the textures of my being

In allowing contact with my presence I enable the effortlessness of my becoming

In welcoming money I allow the infiltration of systems built to fail

In allowing my penetration into a failing house of cards world I witness the spark of compounding, domino effect dissolution… And the fostering of every last beings capacity to express the moral potential of human presence

Let our habits reflect our goals, let our goals reflect our values, let our awareness ripen us, let our wings spread across the sky…

For while we sleep, we dream ourselves awake

And as we awaken, we allow our capacity to express

And as we open to our devotion to why is possible, we are fed beyond measure

And as we honor each step of this path, we discover the textures of our devotion

Let us awaken



This is an article in progress, please let us know what stands out to you, what your interested in learning more about, what resources and tools you use to explore these inquiries, and let us continue this discussion as a community.   Lets let our connections together be our context for learning.




Jonathan Haber B.A. CMT



Resources for Embodied Transformative Inquiry

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Reflective Writings, Offerings, Tools, Skiillbuilding practices and Updates: Blog:

12 month course on Intersubjective Transformative Inquiry:

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