Digital Education Architecture

Digital Education Architect Available


Are you in the field of education?

It’s Changing

Observing the educational field, a large part of what we see changing, and rapidly, is the digitaization of educational materials. Schoolbooks are migrating to eBooks, school tests are being written into those eBooks to streamline testing and to ease the workload of teachers.

Patterns of Change

Whether were talking about more conventional educational systems or more emergent educational systems – the pattern seems similar. Educational content – learning systems, is migrating to a digital platform.

Why I Care

This is my passion, my specialty and aligned with my skillset. I am keenly situated in my ability to generate the architecture of eBook learning systems, to translate learning goals into interactive learning software, and to aid in this process.

Why I am good at this

My personal training is in the art and practice of perspective taking, and I can help you with your educational platform in innovative ways.

An Invitation

Please contact me with your questions. Given that this is deeply aligned with my passions I am willing to work at modest rates, either as an employee or as a contractor.

Here are a couple of stellar examples of interactive learning platforms:

Also, I am fulfilled by changing lives for the better.. get to know me and my coaching style via a massive array of self-coaching videos here:

More coming… feedback WILL evolve what I offer, so feel free to share what works and what doesn’t.


Jonathan Haber BA CMT
916 832 560 three

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