Intersubjective Transformative Inquiry Training

After leading a couple of workshops in Unconditional; Cultivating Presence in Relationship,  I have discovered that I feel even deeper congruence with an emerging concept for a 12 month course in Intersubjective Transformative Inquiry.

Since I am passionate about digital education architecture, I would like to also craft an online curricula for the 12 year course and in that create a platform such that the evolution of that curricula can be followed by potential participants and co-crafted by collaborative facilitators. Thus, I am interested in exploring a collaborative Wiki template for this.

My main draws to this is that it:

  • Is an opportunity to give my deepest gifts unto the world
  • Provides a means for myself to get trained in circling through including my mentors
  • Provides a means for myself to surround myself in an intentional relational container with my mentors, specifically “Guy Sengstock” at present, and potentially others.
  • Provides a challenge that calls me forth into deep integrity with my being, my values, my relational values and my capacity to reveal my brilliance unto the world.
  • Provides a raw and rich container for deep inquiry, facilitative skillbuilding and profound healing for participants.
  • Provides an avenue for sharing all of the tools that I have trained myself in and found relevant, and provides intersubjectivity to be experienced as a path and tool in contrast to the other paths and tools.

Changes to this approach include:

  • I have realized that I am most deeply and profoundly interested in circling as a tool, and that I imagine that others are most deeply interested in coaching and facilitation and leadership tools and methods. In this, I am interested in doing some research and discovering what is truly valued and providing a context for deep and nourishing immersive experiences into our intrinsic connectivity with each other and into our intrinsic connectivity with the essential. Thus, I want circling to be the headliner, Enneagram philosophy to be a foundational tool, and every other tool to have its day in the sun.


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