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It is a pleasure to introduce to you one of the passions I hold very closely to my heart. Raw Chocolate!


Who are we?


At “The Good Stuff,” we envision a just, sustainable, harmonious human presence on the planet and we aim to bring you some deliciously excellent reasons why you might join us in bringing this vision into form.

What we believe you care about…

We believe that there are others, like ourselves, who arrange for quality chocolate not just for the taste, but for the quality of the experience that a good chocolate can provide.

Is Chocolate a Superfood?

We also believe that chocolate is one of natures superfoods, in that it is loaded with a wide array of nutrients and minerals the body needs to thrive, and we believe that over processing, adding cheap fillers, heating to high temperatures, including refined sugars, and using second-rate ingredients takes away from the delicious nature of what a chocolate savoring experience is capable of being.

What makes us different?

Rather then follow suit with your average chocolate company, we dedicate ourselves to your health, your well being and your vitality. We aspire to offer you the most bio-available, nourishing, therapeutically potent, nutrient dense raw chocolates in the world. We aim to serve mind, body and soul in dedication to you, in honor of all of our relations and to all of humanity.

Our aim and aspiration

Through our work providing you with the worlds most epic chocolate superfoods, we aspire to fund project truly allow us to live to our capacity to serve humanity, and to truly “be the change we wish to see” in the world. We aim to let our ways of being and showing up in the world be such that we can more quickly allow ourselves to usher in a just, harmonious and sustainable human presence on this precious, evolving, living life support system we share.

Whats coming

In this moment we have 2 delicious, wild harvested raw cacao bars to offer. By the end of the week we will have 4 more, and we aim to bring to market 12-16 different, unique flavors in the next 2 months.

Our offerings as of today:


Offering Price per bar Price per case (12) notes

The Peppermint Spirulina Raw Cacao Bar

$7.00 $84.00
The Essential Orange Raw Cacao Bar $7.00 $84.00


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