An Invitation

Are you passionate about the process of your own unfoldment? Of making contact with your intrinsic brilliance and preciousness? Of bringing forth clarity around whatever is showing up in your life that has you feeling disoriented or unclear?

These tools are devoted to the unlocking of your potential as a living, breathing, sentient being. Use them, tell me how they can improve, let everyone know they are here.

At present they are a free offering from me to you, and I imagine you can get a lot of value from them without much prior knowledge of the processes they draw from. Optimizing the value you get from them would require some support in understanding the processes that they draw from, and to the extent that you desire that, I would like to be available as a coach or with additional resources for learning these tools.

I’ll likely work on developing additional resources for learning these tool as you express your interest in that. In the mean time, check them out, let me know what makes sense and what you want to learn about, and share them with your friends. Enjoy!!

Integral Life Practice Toolbox

I am deeply interested in experiencing my devotion.  The moments when I feel deeply rooted in my capacity to serve humanity are the moments when I feel the most alive, the most unstoppable, the most vigorous and the most vital. 

In service to devotion I recognize that how I show up to my relationships is a fundamental component.   In service to my relationships I recognize that HOW I am relating to the immediacy of my interior experience is paramount. 

So, in service to devotion, I aspire to move towards mastery in how I relate to others and how I relate to myself.   These, for me, are foundations upon foundations that provide me the vitality, vigor and inspiration that seem to fuel my work in the world. 

Rather then allowing my path of development to be simply a conceptual game, I choose to apply what I am learning, to create with and from it, and to share this process with you, in service to your own path of development.  

To the extent that my own path resonates with you, I invite you to borrow from the resources, research, tools, practices, perspectives, distinctions and views that I have sussed out and to apply them to your life liberally. 

Within the scope of my offerings you will find many things:

  • You will find tools aimed at deepening in relationship with the moment, especially explored in my youtube channel. 
  • You will find tools aimed at deepening in relationship with others. 
  • You will find tools for taking an active role in the emergence of a sustainable, just and harmonious human presence on the planet.
  • You will find foundational practices that serve as a context for the development of my integral life practice.
  • You will find integrated practices that pull from these foundations to meet a given aim (such as financial freedom)

These tools, experiences, offerings and gifts are intended to serve your path of unfoldment.  If what you are after is joy and vitality, or to cultivate any other quality of experience, there are tools here for you.  If you are a counselor, coach, or simply yearn to be more available for the blossoming of the human spirit within those you make contact with, you will find tools and resources for that here.  If you are wanting to take part in the emergence of a sustainable, just,  harmonious civilization, you will find tools and resources here.

Thank you for existing.  For bringing your brilliance, your perfection, your preciousness, your value, your care and your depth to this moment, this site, this relationship and to the world.  I offer a deep bow to you and invite that to the extent you offer your feedback I will adapt, evolve and grow.  

Finally, all of the ILP tools you see here (the menu has more), you can fill them out, enter your email and hit send and it will send them JUST to you.

If we work directly together I can offer feedback as well on your practice, BUT you would need to send me a copy of your work by adding my address into here, OR comment.  

Thank you!! 


Practice Selection Tool

  • Practice Selection tool for crafting your ILP for the day or week.

ILP Log Tool

  • Assessment and Review Tool for tracking your ILP

Leverage Point Review Tool

  • Tool for examining your leverage points.

Owning your Projections Tool

  • Tool for owning your projections in any conflict.

Challenge, from resisting to welcoming it tool

  • Tool for moving towards mastery in navigating challenge.

The Financial Freedom Tool

  • Tool for managing our relationship with money and thus dissolving resistance to what is so.

Resistance to Embodiment

  • Tool for applying the Aikido principle of moving with the flow to resistance such that it can reveal its capacity to support our inner compass and intrinsic navigational capacities and then for utilizing that to become an embodiment of that which we recognize we are seeking and thus effortlessly magnetize those qualities by virtue of our presence alone.

Bridging Being vs Becoming Tool

  • This tool is intended as a way of looking at how we can apply Gandhi’s words “you must be the change you wish to see in the world” to our lives in a tangible and practical way. It specifically looks at the qualities of being,

Relationship Evaluation Tool

  • A tool for orienting ourselves around a given relationship, how we want to show up for it, whether we do, whether we want to pull back, and for seeing through common obstacles to getting at a clear of what what is so, for applying integral theory in this process, and for applying one of several other tools to this process.

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