Why to hire me



If you are considering hiring me, here are some reasons why you might want to do so, a sense of what brings me to life and a summation of some of the skills I bring to the table:


Why you might want to hire me:

  • I am service oriented:  I carry a deep desire to make a positive impact on the world with my life and to surround myself with peers in accentuating this drive.
  • I am a connector: I am empathetic, friendly, enjoy meeting and authentically connecting with new people.
  • I am a listener: tenacious about understanding problems and identifying their root causes.
  • I am relational: I am at ease managing multiple relationships; detail oriented and organized
  • I am strategic: I consider the 30,000 foot view as well as the ground-level tactics, including the relationships between.
  • I am flexible: Willing to perform a vast range of tasks, I have no issue moving from spreadsheets to taking out the trash, and then troubleshooting and fixing flailing printer connectivity, before walking into a room of potential investors and explaining why we are a solid investment and how we are poised to leverage emerging opportunities to set ourselves apart.
  • I am innovative: I loves to think about, test,  and implement new ways to help my team work with higher degrees of innovation, better, and faster.
  • I am a planner: I organize tasks and projects based on overarching intent, with an eye to emergent opportunities.
  • I love technology: Able to understand technology mac related questions deeply and discuss them lucidly.
  • I am unstoppable:  When I am given a goal and deadline, I let nothing stand in the way of pulling it off… and rather then relating to people as obstacles and tools in the expression of my drive, I tend to the potential in the quality of my relationships to enact the aims I reach for.
  • I am systems Aware:  I include systemic perspectives in my approach, navigating interruptions in overall systemic flow by tending to and addressing subtle relational challenges, with an eye for systematic, lasting solutions.
  • I am adaptive and feedback friendly: I thrive in an environment with a high degree of feedback given, and adapt quickly to a changing workplace context
  • I am passionate about learning: I take a very, very active role towards my own education via life, noticing lessons ripe for the harvest from my day to day interactions.

What brings me to life:

  • Harmony: Supporting difficult conversations in their opportunity to resolve and forge new connections between people
  • Grace: Connecting with an eye to emergence and the organic arising of novelty, with a passion for actualizing raw human and team potentials
  • Challenge: I thrive in an environment that challenges me to test my own edges
  • Self Governing: I am capable of identifying and organizing tasks by priority and challenging myself to grow into who I must be to actualize the goals I am given and identify as containing leverage


I have a passion for:

  • Executive Assistanceship:  helping the organization as a whole by taking on tasks that don’t require your particular brilliance, to free you up to attend to what is of the utmost importance.
  • Videography: leveraging the possibility available in video to amplify opportunities and accentuate the process of gaining emotional and value based enrollment in new ideas
  • Events Planning: making things happen by organizing new events in novel ways that bring about the qualities we seek to cultivate
  • Collaboration, Mediation, Negotiation, Forging New Alliances:  I get that we each have our own values, needs, motives, drives, styles, personalities and patterns, and I get that there are distinct patterns available within these phenomena that relate to and inform how we behave, how we enact change, when we forge ahead, when we fall back,  when we give up, how we relate and what we can authentically offer to the moment.  I get the fundamental relevance our body language has in disclosing this inner terrain, even beyond the scope of our own awareness.
    • I bring this awareness to bear in collaborative opportunities, drawing from overlapping aims, intentions and goals to build bridges and alliances.
    • I bring this awareness to mediation, drawing out and deducing the underlying values beneath conflict and disparate surface tensions to reveal our intrinsic mutuality.
    • I bring this awareness to negotiation, allowing subtle body language cues to reveal true inner boundaries and deducing win – win scenarios that optimize our capacity to be generous and generative through otherwise obscure opportunities.  Also, allowing otherwise obscure perspectives to inform our view I enable scenarios that transcend the win – win, that more effectively reveal what is possible when we allow ourselves to be curious about how we can serve the underlying needs, values, aims and intent of the other party.
    • I bring this awareness to forging new alliances, allowing the intersections between our aspirations, resources, toolsets, expertise, aims and trajectories to reveal opportunities for mutually beneficial relations.
    • Evidence of these passionate skill sets in action:
  • Culture Change: Fostering cultural qualities and desires the support the evolutionary and adaptive aims of the organization I work with.


  • Applied Integral Theory: Evaluating, discussing, disclosing views and perspectives that reveal blindspots in our awareness through embodied application of integrally informed views…
  • Interdisciplinary Coaching:  Optimizing team work, innovation, harmony between team members, teams, and systems of teams through identifying what people care about most, value most, are most invested in within moments of conflict or disharmony, and being a living invitation to the embodiment and sharing of those qualities.
  • User Experience Design:  taking the users perspective on any tech, experiencing it as a user, visioning it as a user, designing as a user, taking these views into account and translating into innovative paths forward for a project, describing this experience with lucidity, being with these viewpoints, contrasting that with the intended experience (ease, simplicity, etc), drawing potentials and opportunities from this contrast, drawing objectives tangibly for fulfilling on these, facilitating the changes, navigating challenge within this as it arises.
  • IOS design via xCode; Learning and implementing Swift and Objective C:  I have a deep passion for the opportunities revealed through working with objective C and swift in Xcode and a deep desire to immerse myself in learning these tools more proficiently such that I can leverage this with work in the future and continue to build on my passion project.


  • Education Design and Implementation:  Since my B.A. Degree when I took an active role in Joanna Macy’s “Work that Reconnects” I have been actively developing curricula and presenting theoretical, experiential and interactive workshops. I integrated her interactive group work into a theoretical and practical complement to the permaculture movement (Social Permaculture) and have led and co-led over 50 workshops of this type up and down the coast of CA.  I am very, very passionate about learning and teaching, I can literally take the time you train me on a task to create an automated training lesson using audio, video, mind mapping, and screen capturing tools to eliminate the need to re-do that training the next time around.
  • Guerrilla Marketing:  How do companies make massive impact with  small marketing budgets while others flail about with large budgets?  I am passionate about this question and both understand and recognize the value of mutual benefit, mutual upliftment and cultural syncing within this.  From forging new alliances to coupling complementary events such that each party’s marketing efforts are bolstered by the other, I cannot stop seeing these opportunities, and am passionate about leveraging them.

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