A note from the author,

“I have been interested in coaching for about 8 years now. I remember sitting in a therapist office when I was really down and out, and the process he guided me through. Through simply illustrating where my personal power was in each area of my life that I was interested in building on, his carefully selected questions sparked a shift in my life that Is tough to explain. Essentially, he was using basic coaching concepts to guide my process, and I experienced a taste of what it felt like to recognize my personal power.

I have spent the last 6 years studying the art of goal setting, the craft of personal management, tools for deepening my sense of self and purpose in the world, and tools for working with consciousness in small groups.

Now, I bring the culmination of my work, the principles I choose to take a stand for, and the synthesis of this study and offer it to the world.

My work directly applies to supporting individuals and groups in

  • creating better relationships
  • in attracting lasting love
  • in building wealth and healing relationships with money
  • and in focusing creative energy towards what they value most.

Through my custom programs, practices, learning curricula, and coaching skills I am committed to supporting people just like you in experiencing what they authentically want in this life.

Thank you for your time,”

Jonathan Haber B.A. Cmt

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