Setting Inspiring Goals Tool

Inspired by “The Desire Map”, A Guide to creating goals with soul, by Danielle Laporte.

“Look into the nature of desire, and there is boundless light”

Padmasambhava, Tibetan Yogi

Today I was reading “The Desire Map,” and it suggested looking at each area of your life and noting how you want to feel, and then setting goals based on that.


Before this practice I felt a sense of alignment and integrity about my personal vision and goals, and my ability to cohere with that vision… and during this practice I noticed myself coming up with some pretty interesting insights.

Now that the practice is complete, and I am waking up to a more refined personal vision I notice I feel a deep sense of integrity with my vision… stronger then before. It feels more inspiring and more aligned, and I feel more inspired to move towards it, and more motivated.

Here’s a little practice sheet you could use to try this on yourself:

I’ll update this to be form-based when my site stops glitching… 🙂

(a) choose several areas of your life that are important to you


  • travel
  • vocation
  • relating to money
  • relationship
  • personal growth
  • education
  • etc.

(b) decide how you want to feel in each area of your life (descriptive rather then metaphorical),


  • inspired
  • integrous
  • vital
  • alive
  • etc

(c) feel into what goals would serve as a context for this feeling state…

Optional Add-on: Aliveness Inquiry

Notice the new goals that shimmer to you, that have you the most alive, and write them with a context of how you want to feel. Eg: Complete a Phd in service to feeling respected in my field, etc

Optional Add-on: GTD/Laser Focus

Laser focus:  Choose one goal that most deeply resonates with you, and turn all of your attention, resources and brilliance to it like a laser beam…

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