The Integral Inquiry Project

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In service to this vision, it is our mission to make available to every last person on the planet the tools, resources, methods and practices that would serve as a path to actualizing our latent potential and accentuating the evolution of consciousness.

Inspired by Applied Integral Theory and Developmental Psychology, this particular expression of that mission is intended to become the worlds most comprehensive virtual coach, facilitator, counselor and spiritual guide.   Imagine anyone, anytime, regardless of how much money they have, being able to log in to a virtual coach, counselor or facilitator and get support for navigating the stress, disquiet, and inspiration that flow forth from within.  Imagine an evolving virtual coach that learns what works for you, what doesn’t, provides opportunities to cultivate your latent capacities, your relationship with the moment, with your emotions, your impulses, your thoughts, in such a way that your awareness is provided the support it needs to mature and ripen over time.   Imagine being able to borrow from methods and practices that are different from your own, common culture and way of seeing the world.  Learn more about our inspiration or our phases of deployment.

If this vision resonates with you, and you would like to see this possible for yourself, for your family, for your community or for the world, take a test drive with our present day mock-up with a eye to what might be possible.  If you get a sense of value from this system as it is, consider dropping a donation in our tip-bucket, becoming an investor, offering your feedback on how it can be improved, sharing your skills for the sake of this projects development, and more then anything, consider sharing this with your friends and family as it is.

Together, we can make a profound difference in the quality of lives of millions of people.  Today, this starts with you taking a test drive.

So, with a humble hand extended, I formally invite you to join me in an exploration of this particular moment in time..





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