How to clarify your Genius

This page is a simple practice that I used to tune into my genius in the world. Choosing to do so has been a tremendous gift to me; it makes it easier to understand where I want to be investing my creative energy. I was first introduced to the concept by Diana Chapman, who was a mentor and coach for some time.

Here is a look at how you can clarify your genius

Look back through your life. Scan back as far as you can remember and then press play. Notice what memories stuck for you. Why did those memories stay with you?

Step 1. Answer these 5 questions.

1) What are the circumstances that you learned the most from?

2) What did you learn?

3) Notice the major life lessons that you acquired.

4) What shaped the life and direction that you have taken so far?

5) Are there other individuals that would benefit from your learnings in these areas?

Step 2

Take a piece of paper out and divide it into 4 quadrants.

On the lower left, label the quadrant “incompetencies” and fill it in with some things you are not so great at.

On the lower right, label the quadrant “competencies” and fill it in with some things that you feel competent at.

On the upper right, label the quadrant “super competencies” and fill it in with things that you feel really, really good at. Almost better then anyone else.

Finally, on the upper left, label the quadrant “genius” and take a breath. Tune in to the ways of being in the world, the ways of relating to people, that make you come to life. Notice what you are really, really good at, that also makes you come to life. Fill in the quadrant.

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