Video Creation, Editing, Syndication

Are you interested in expanding your web presence through video production and syndication?

My name is Jonathan Haber, and I get a kick out of supporting the emergence of a sustainable civilization through putting excellent products that are coherent with the values of the sustainability movement (organic products, fair trade products, etc) into the spotlight.

I am passionate about education based marketing. If you educate your customer base about what your up to, and reveal your passion, inspiration and intrigue with the process your engaging, your clients will fall in love with you and share your educational (marketing) materials.

If so, I would love to help. To date, the videos I have created for small businesses to expand product awareness online have generated over 68,000 views for the one business I worked with so far, and I only asked for about $100 per 5 minute video, so with about 8 videos created, thats a going average of 1.17 cents per view.

Check out the videos I worked up for Healthforce Nutritionals below if you would like a sense of what I can do:

Professional Videography Portfolio


Picture 4.png

These are extraordinary numbers, in part on account of the massive growth potential that was exhibited by this business, and the value you receive would likely be dependent on how poised your company is for success.

Anyhow, I want to offer you the same deal, so long as your willing to take me up on it in the next month (During February 2014). If its after February we can talk, and I may have the same offer depending on how busy I am.

For $100 per product, I will offer the following:

  • I’ll capture 10 minutes of footage on your product
  • I’ll edit that down to approximately a 5 minute video
  • I’ll post that video to a YouTube Channel for you
  • and I’ll provide your web designer an embed link such that he/she can effortlessly embed the video on your website.

Why this might make sense to you:

  • I know what questions to ask to optimize impact
  • I have done this before and have a proven track record


  • I am only offering this to companies I know and love, I have hand selected you. On account of that, I will offer you a spot on my YouTube Channel and will feature you on my Blog:
Picture 14.png

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