Relationship Evaluation Tool


I am moved by the impact of relationships in how they can serve our deepening into congruence with our biggest vision, they can connect us with our sense of our intrinsic brilliance and preciousness, and they can derail us from these same qualities of experience and from our drive to serve through our deepest calling.

This practice is aimed to bring all of the most relevant tools available to bear on evaluating a given relationship that our attention is fixed upon in service to discerning whether to allow more time with a given person or whether to pull inwards.


Several of the assumptions that are built into this is that through our generosity we cultivate our capacity to give even more unto the world, that our service to humanity trumps our service to relationships and our service to ourselves in its degree of relevance to cultivating our vitality, our vigor, and our sense of profound connectivity with the textures of existence, AND that our service to ourselves and our relationships are elements OF our capacity to serve humanity in the biggest possible way.

For me, when a relationship connects me organically to my sense of devotion to humanity, it is one I desire to lean into.  When it does not, it may still contain the capacity for such when engaged intentionally.  To the degree that a relationship does not, even when engaged intentionally, serve my deepest calling (devotion), I feel a need to wean myself off of it and to create space for more fulfilling relationships.

However, my views can be skewed by projection, so this process includes an element where we name our projections, drop them, and take a look from that view.


Starting this practice I felt disoriented and my attention fixed on one person. I felt distracted from my desire to give my gift unto the world and distracted from my desire to unlock and unfold my brilliance in service to humanity.

Now, in completion of this practice, I feel inspiration in my body… literal tingles of sensation pulsing throughout. I feel excited about sharing my gifts with others and honored to dig into the process of uncovering my unique gifts and sharing them with the world.

I feel excited about tonight and intrigued about the possibilities.

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