Talk To Me!



Jonathan Haber B.A. CMT



Resources for Embodied Transformative Inquiry

Guided practices, guided inquiry via video:

12 month course on Intersubjective Transformative Inquiry:

8 week course on music production:


4 thoughts on “Talk To Me!

  1. We added your video to our, voices of sustainability, Website ( sometime ago. I was watching it again this morning as I am working with a group of people on an AASHE – Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education – RFP. The challenge is how to have institutions like the AASHE support you in your call for collaboration in curriculum development and bring the great turning to higher education. I encourage you to continue to communicate using video as it was an informative talk and I trust led to conversations with other innovators in your field. It was very helpful to me.

    1. Wow! I feel really, really inspired to read this. I would love to explore the subtlety of your challenges with interfacing collaborative and great turning related educational formats and themes with the educational institutions you speak of.

  2. Dear Jonathan,
    Thank you very much for your website, I like it so much.
    I’m the Chief Developer for Master’s Solutions. We’ve just launched a campaign that I’d love your feedback on in your blog if you can spare a moment or two.

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