The Evolution of Things @ Cultured Code


This is an open letter to all of the decision makers at Cultured Code.  I drafted this message to you inviting collaboration, and I am posting it on my portfolio site as an example of how I think, how I seek opportunities, how I see potential, and how I approach potential collaborations.





I imagine you would agree that in order to stay at the leading edge as an organization, we must listen deeply, come to notice ever more clearly emergent patterns, deviations and changes in the landscape of the people we serve, and learn to leverage and repurpose the works we have already created to make them more relevant to the audiences we wish to serve.   If this is not yet in your awareness, I highly recommend a perusal through metaintegral’s new free course. 

If you do, I sense you would likely agree that the Things app is ripe for an evolution.  I am NOT suggesting that you might want to change it in terms of its existing service, but that you may consider joining me in repurposing it such that it hits even deeper at the hearts and minds of the worlds populations.
I only reach out because I am willing to facilitate this repurposing, and would like to share in the joy of positively impacting the world at large.
What we all yearn for, underneath the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and productivity, is a profoundly invigorating experience of deep coherence with what we imagine is possible.  We want a high quality of life, on our own terms, based on our own values, one that resonates with our biggest and most enlivening dreams.
What you and GTD has offered is a way to clear the mind of everything extraneous to the task at hand, such that we can be deeply present with what we are doing, which results in a higher degree of productivity, and this movement is growing.  It grows in part because we enjoy reaching our goals more quickly and with less stress, and underneath that, it grows because in the promise of freeing up our presence, GTD enables a deeper contact with the raw texture of the immediate experience.  It lets us experience more fully what it is like to be alive… our experience of aliveness, through this, is enriched.
And your support of this movement through things is phenomenal.  I want to talk to you about whats next.
I recently read a book on ‘feelings based goals’, and then noticed an article on the same at lifehacker (read by almost 20k people now).
People are starting to realize through one avenue or another that simple accomplishment is not enough, that they yearn more deeply for a quality of being, of being alive, a quality of life that these goals seems to promise.  In methods such as these, as we look at how we want to feel in each area of our life, and thus map out our goals, we get more enlivening, more inspiring goals.  Taking a step back in view, this could be seen as mapping the potential coherence between what we value and what we aim for tangibly, or put another way, taking into account the potential for deeper congruity between our quality of being vs. our process of becoming. 
How things can evolve, put quite frankly, is that it can help us iron out the quality of life we aspire to cultivate in terms of each relevant area of life (e.g. relationships, education, profession, travel, home, etc)… and it can help us visit both our projects and the vision elements in tandem, to increase the capacity to evaluate and course correct in terms of coherence between the two.
Theres more… what if your personal project were in deeper congruity with your vision for what you are capable of and yearning for?  What if your visions held and nurtured were in deeper congruity with the quality of life you are most yearning for?  Your deepest values?  Your aspirations?
Things is poised to accelerate this process of deepening into our congruity, and I want to help make it happen.  This is relevant and marketable to (a) any life coach and their clients, (b) any self actualization guru and their audience, (c) any spiritual practice (although depending on the type, certain aspects might be left out of relevance)… and especially, those interested in cultivating subtlety and nuance on the grand adventure of life, such as the massive and rapidly growing audience following the evolution of Applied Integral Theory.
This idea of stepping back and taking a larger view shows up in the GTD method (30k’ view, 5k’ view, etc) and is outlined in its relevance in the most widely accepted, peer reviewed, and widely applied theories on human development. 
I am widely capable of architecting the subtleties necessary on delivering a profound, life changing experience in developing this, as demonstrated by my personal passion project. 
And if you are not interested in this possibility due to other priorities, I urge you to consider showing me where I can find similar source code that would enable me to build on the foundation you have begun, or completely delegating the project to me to be built upon your existing code architecture with an agreement about how we will distribute the project once it is refined and beautiful.
Jonathan Haber B.A.
Experience Architect
916 832 5603



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