Open letter to Learning Strategies to Collaborate on the Sedona Method Educational Materials Development via IOS Technology



This letter was offered as an open invitation to let my passion for the actualization of latent human potential to be applied in extending the Sedona Method Educational Materials in partnership with Learning Strategies.  It is copied here as an example of how my mind works when it comes to forging new alliances, collaboration and both identifying and aiming at accessing latent potential. 



Overlap in vision and mission

We are both interested in supporting individuals in optimizing thier success at the adventure and mystery of being alive in the world and relating to self improvement, organizational development, human potential, and improving the quality of our lives. 

My mission in relation to this is to accentuate the existing momentum of courses, organizations and movements with mutual aims; aims of making the world a better place, aims of discovering, cultivating and actualizing the giving of our unique gifts unto the world, aims of making the world, our relationships and our lives more sustainable, more inviting, more transformative, more welcoming, and more enlivening.  

I get that you, as an organization, have developed an exciting and promising momentum in actualizing this vision, and that there is significant resonance and alignment between what you are doing and what I am both doing and aspiring to do in my life, and in actualizing my aim to cultivate an invigorating and generative vocation and offering for the world. 

I see several existing partnership opportunities, some of which carry significant momentum, that I want to illustrate to you, very concisely. 

For example, I get that you are managing the Sedona Method teaching products, which I am intimately involved with (for 7 years now).  I am deeply steeped in creating iphone apps (self taught over the past 2 months) and have developed a very high functioning integral coaching app that applies the underlying principles of the Sedona Method to cultivating unshakeable presence, reveal our unconscious (especially unconscious resistance) and releasing it, in service to cultivating unshakeable presence, self reflexivity, emotional intelligence, integrative self actualzation practices, and to cutting new grooves in the patterning of the unconscious mind such that intentional relating to that which was once unconscious and inhibitive of our latent potential being expressed more fully becomes more or less automatic.   Hale Dwoskin has been credited with inspiring the underlying principles leveraged in the application.  

The opportunity in this:

We can partner on putting this out into the world, you can use it to see my level of expertise at accentuating educational programs (it integrates 20+ methodologies), and you can use that to assess the potential viability of collaboration with me on products. 

See it yourself by downloading the app.  

Simply click the download link at in beta, so there is a short delay between your downloading it and it being sent to you), then email me to confirm and Ill do the back end part to have it sent to you.   

See the app via video introduction now:  

You can see the last version of the app via video here:– I will update this video channel with a preview of the new apps ASAP. 

Additional Partnership Opportunities and existing Momentum

Learning Practice Design, Iphone App Development

I can develop learning practices for your existing and emerging books, audiobooks and authors, and build iphone applications that can accentuate revenue from these.  While I would prefer to do this in acollaborative format, I am open to entertaining more traditional structures (a job) if you find that more suitable.  

Why Me: 

I completed 50% of an MA from one of the most cutting edge Integrally Informed Academic Programs ever created, which unforunately was cut for ‘not being profitable enough’ when my school (JFK) was aquisitioned.  I focused on the underlying architecture of the learning environment, since my BA at CIIS.  

Applied Sedona Method App

I yearn to make the sedona method (and other aligned programs) more accessible, more relevant, more available to individuals primary cares and concerns. 

What if the sedona method could be learned via an app that basically takes all of the practices from the book, automates them, makes them interactive, and places them on peoples phones?  

You can see from the Integral Coach App that I can literally build just this sort of thing, and feel inspired to do so, and want to share this with the world.  If we can collaborate on this I could build this out in NO time…  

Imagine the sedona method app where it can be made particularly relevant to exact circumstnace, challenge and phenomenal arising an indivual is present to… one step at a time. 

Integral Inquiry App… 

What would it take to create an integrally informed life coach role, one that is truly capable of integrating distinct disciplines towards a central aim, and make that available digitally for individuals to benefit from when encountering any challenge related to being alive?   What if the process of choosing the methods integrated were up to the individual, that role in thier hands, and they could apply this to any circumstance?  This is the vision of the Integral Inquiry app.  

People come for a simple aim… revision thier lives, clarify goals, get out of thier own way, etc.. but in the process learn to draw from the intersection between complementary methodologies and craft thier own custom integrated self actualization process.  Trojan Horse.   This is already functional, designed for sitting with any inquiry and looking deeply into it.   I will upload new videos of this soon. 

Creating profound connections in everyday conversations

Turns out I am not the only who cares deeply about this, and it seems I can turn all of the 20+ self actualization methods I currently employ towards this single aim and create another app for humanity to draw from.  The Trojan horse here is that while people are cultivating thier capacity to be seen deeply and see others deeply, to be felt deeply, to feel deeply and to feel others deeply, and so on, they are also learning a diverse range of interior methods for developing latent potential, and in the process accentuating thier own development (in a Developmental Psychology sense {via Robert Kegans work}).    

The opportunity is to share resources, inspiration, help me deepen the application of principles derived from the Sedona Method, help me distribute and market, share the bounty, and then we can arrange (based on an agreement between us) for this (and any other app) that you could have rights to sell on different platforms (as I do not intend to develop these on android, windows phone, mac applications, etc)

Creating Profound Connections in difficult conversations app

Same as the above but designed specifically for the moments when it matters the most… when a converstion goes south… 

Heal your relationship with Money App

Awesome to help people heal thier relationship with money via existing apps you offer, in the guided meditation sense, and yet what if we took it further?  What if we integrated complementary methods and made the app adaptive to the particular phenomenal arising within the individual?  I am committed to building this… and the invitation would be the same.  

GoalSmasher App

What if we could look through our goals list and for each one, feel into it and its realization in a way that revealed our inner resistance, our inner blocks, our self-defeating throughts and beliefs, our unconscious patterning, and supported us in clearing it?  What if the app could remember our goals and support us in this from multiple disciplines?  Again, building it, would love to collaborate.  

Other matters of consideration

Copyright blessings – I would like to have your blessing and/or feedback on existing sedona method principle integration into apps in development, to adapt to needs you express, to illustrate my understanding of copyright law and confirm we are in mutual understanding.   My understanding of copyright law is that if you are smart enough to be able to extract underlying principles from a form they have taken, you can leverage those principles in a new form… but not in the same form of another, especially if a copyright exists.   I have credited Hale for the inspiration of the underlying principles pulled from the Sedona Method, and would be happy to adapt this in a way that feels good to all, based on your thoughts and considerations. 

Opening the conversation

All of this said, I would love to see my particular brilliance (integrative methodologies, user experience design, learning program design, iphone app development, applied integral theory)… be put to use in a way that brings me to life; by uplifting the lives of others, bettering them, helping people improve thier lives, helping people become more successful and helping people redefine success in a way that fosters the quality of life they yearn for and deserve… and I would love this to happen in a BIG way, and thus invite you to consider collaboratingsuch that the gifts that I am cultivating and demonstrating might have an amplified positive effect in the world, and such that they may amplify the positive impact you are having in the world, and through that even improve your bottom line (by virtue of intentional relationship design between us). 


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