Invitation to Sounds True Publishing into Collaboration

This is an open letter to Sounds True that is an invitation to collaborate, that illustrates my capacity to bring deep inspiration to an invitation, to take into account subtle perspectives and their relationships, to bring intentionality to that which is revealed through that.


Specifically, the following example includes a sense of vision that informs a sense of purpose, which informs a personal aim or mission, which informs an invitation to access a potential opportunity.




I feel exhilarated, tingly goose bump like sensations through my whole body… thighs to my temple, as I write you this message… there are nearly tears of inspiration and resonance forming… and… yes, as I name this, watery eyes… shortness of breath… trembly jaw… wow.


The impact that you have made on my life is impossible to capture with words… I can say only that your audio book with ken wilber reoriented my entire worldview and opened a door to moments after moments after moments of sitting in awe at the radically unbounded space of opening awareness.

Today I am sending a message dedicated to building a bridge.  I have a particular kind of brilliance that is equally difficult to describe… perhaps much simpler to describe the behaviors that seem to come from it, to begin illuminating a way I imagine we can radically support each other.

BTW, if you want to talk, call me on my cell… 916 832 5603…

I am sweating… ok… so a hint of context:  My purpose is to accentuate the evolution of consciousness through devotion, diligence, radical self acceptance, integrity, and more then anything, a continued commitment to ever more inclusive awareness, with discernment of course, guided by this, but ever more inclusive as well.

In the past month I have taught myself to code apple apps (iPhone style) and built a virtual life coach app, an app for actualizing goals, for 2nd person inquiry, for sitting with inquiry, for integrating disparate practices dedicated to actualizing the raw, latent potential of our souls, and a little custom ILP (Integral Life Practice), just for me.


While my passion and devotion is in enabling all of humanity to more easily get at the intrinsically complementary nature of self actualization practices from around the world, along the way I am actually building app functionality for learning compassionate communication, applying Pema Chodrons words, learning the Enneagram, cultivating sensory, emotional, instinctual, impulsive and self reflexive awareness and intimacy within that, and more… I hunger for the direct experience of self actualization, I feed that hunger by developing integrated systems for accentuating my own raw potential, and I am devoted to sharing these tools with the world.


If its not obvious to you, heres the bridge:  I am building systems that would extend and accentuate the potential impact of the authors you are publishing.  These are apps that you could easily be selling right along with the audiobooks, that could easily be integrated into a coherent whole, that could easily be provided to the world through our collaborative, intentional movements…

So, I have got to ask… why should we ignore this opportunity to amplify the positive impact and reach of each others intention to do good in the world?

Smiling so big.  Lets talk!

Jonathan Haber
A little glimpse into my world:

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