What people are saying


“Jonathan is a powerful and empathetic coach.  He asked questions that helped me get right to the core of what was blocking me, underneath what I thought was happening when I first came to him.  He is full of fun processes and games; an insight wizard… and he did all of this without giving any advice.  He helped me figure out what I need by supporting me to tap into my own wisdom.”

Jessica Rosen, Preschool Teacher in Berkeley, Ca

Jonathan is an amazing coach. He helped me manifest in 1 session something I had been putting off for months. He’s a question wizard and very gifted at quickly naming and clearing unconscious blocks. Go to him for clarity and empowerment 🙂

Integral Studies

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so grateful to have stumbled on to this informative and inspired expression of Integral Studies. The implications of these ideas are truly life transforming and insightful for me. This reading has application and relevance to several dimensions of my life as married father of three children, an executive director of a small not-for-profit and person of recovery… What a wonderful way to spend a cool, cloudy morning in central Kansas.”


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