Impact Hub Accomplishments

I am very proud to share my accomplishments at the Impact Hub in Oakland CA:

  • Creating a system for catching a hole in our keycard system, where members that don’t hit the system are databased and then provided keycards for accessing the space.
  • Created an internal FAQ that stores answers the all the questions that came up as a host to alleviate repetitive questions to our head hosts.
  • Taken on troubleshooting our Wifi and printer connectivity issues to minimize calls to tech support… (every time theres an issue I would dig to the root and seek systemic solutions so that our efforts would go to longer lasting resolve rather then symptomatic relief)
  • Designed fliers for gathering data related to wifi connectivity and supported upper management in diagnosing and solving those problems.
  • Coordinated conference room bookings.
  • Negotiated a contract start to finish for bringing in a Feng Shui School that resulted in over 10k in additional revenues for the hub.
  • Designed table top fliers highlighting events happening during the week and distributed them.
  • Taken on guerrilla marketing opportunities in the area to bring in new visitors.
  • And much, much more.  I loved the challenge and pressure of being at the center point of all the different areas of operations and seeking out creative, elegant solutions for everyday challenges in efficiency.

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