What influenced my coaching style?

There were a number of influences, here is a short list. These are all recommended resources for self-inquiry and personal growth
o The Sedona Method (Releasing Attachments)
o The Work (Byron Katie)
o Co-active Coaching (the book/study)
o Pema Chodron
o The Work that Reconnects (Joanna Macy/ Practices)
o The “Big Mind Technique” (Genpo Roshi, Zen/Gestalt Practices)
o Clearness Committee (Quaker Tradition)
o Hakomi (Body Centered/Somatic Principles)
o The Mankind Project (Diving into Core Material)
o Eckhart Tolle (the power of now)
o Don Miguel Ruiz (the 4 agreements)
o Brandon Bays “The Journey”


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