Demo/Sales Rep Offering

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Demo/Sales Rep Offering

What inspires this communication

  • I am passionate about the emergence of a sustainable civilization on the planet and recognize that emerging trends in this theme (organic food, living food, fair trade products) are providing emerging businesses with an edge over traditional businesses. So, I…

Who I work for

  • I work for companies that excel in one or more of these areas; organics, high nutritive density, sustainable practices, living foods.

What I am ready for

  • I am ready to take on up to 20 demos in the Bay Area. I have already completed over 100 demos, over 60 sales meetings, sold in over a hundred product lines to local stores, established relationships with local stores, and even taken on distribution on the fly to land a new account. In one situation, I sold in a product line, stocked the shelf, billed the company and completed a demo in a 5 hour time period, with one trip to a new potential buyer.

What I am capable of

  • In this example you can see what I am capable of.. I can start with demos, and if you desire, I can sell in new product lines while I am at the stores.

What I can guarantee

  • When you choose the store and/or time, I can guarantee that I will maintain integrity with our point of contact at the store, be attentive to the relationship we have with that store, gather data that you can use in evolving your relationship with that client and provide a clean, orderly, beautiful table set up during the demo.
  • I can guarantee that I will take complete inventory before the demo and after, and will generate an organized excel spreadsheet that makes the ROI explicit.
  • When you have me choose the store and time, I can guarantee that I will generate a minimum of $100 in sales per $100 in my fees on average.

What makes me different

  • What makes me different then other reps is my experience, my passion for the cause, my inspiration to bring good things to my community, my passion for human connection and my skills learned by doing this already.

What Is included

  • For $100 per demo, included is
    • up to an hour of drive time
    • inventory before and after
    • explicit ROI spreadsheet monthly
    • improved relationships with your buyers
    • 4 hours of quality table time

Download My Resume Here – Demo:Sales Rep Resume 3.0


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