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I am formally launching my coaching practice and I would like to do it on a referral basis.  Instead of marketing, I want to give you a free coaching session to see if its a good fit.  If it is, while I am launching my practice, I’ll coach you for a month for FREE.  I will deliver actual, tangible value during this time and I will be devoted to being there for you when you most need support in succeeding at your endeavors.  If you recognize value in what I do, what I desire in return is a testimonial and for you to refer paid clients to me.

To schedule your initial complementary coaching session click here and choose a time that works for you.

The Complementary Initial Session

The intent during the complementary initial session is to see if working together is a good fit from both sides.

  • You see if I am a good fit for you,
  • I see if you are a good fit for me.
  • If its not a good fit I will refer you to another coach.

First month of coaching FREE if its a good fit.   (12 spaces for this)

  • If its a good fit, in service of launching my coaching practice I  will offer you a month of coaching for free as a means of demonstrating the value possible in our coaching relationship. My request is that if you recognize value in our coaching relationship, that you send me between 1-5 paid coaching client referrals.

Second month is $500 if you desire to continue after the first month

  • When we complete our first month of working together, I want to invite you to consider whether you would like to continue working with me.

If we do continue, I will deliver the following:

  • Coaching when you need it.
    • I will make myself available as you discover challenges to reaching your goals and need support.  It averages out to about 1 session a week for an hour, but if you need me, I am available and on call to make sure that you get through any of the obstacles that present themselves in the way of your success. If your going through a difficult time, we may have 3 sessions in a week. In easier times we may not see each other for a couple weeks.
  • I Guarantee my Work
    • I will deliver actual, real value in our relationship.  You pay $500 in advance for the month and  if you are not satisfied with the value you receive from our coaching relationship I will refund all of your money at the completion of the month.

Coaching Session Format

Our coaching sessions happen via skype, google hangout or facetime. The reason for this is because I read body-launguage cues to point out and discover unconscious blocks to success.  In an tight spot, we can do a spot coaching session over the phone if video is not available.

If your ready to schedule your initial session, click here and set your time.

Jonathan Haber B.A. CMT

916 832 5603


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