Coaching for Authentic Relationships

Coaching for Authentic Relationships

Are you interested in more authentic relationships?

Are you fed up with feeling like your putting on an act?

Are you annoyed about having a woman/man say they love you while your thinking “If they only knew the real me“..?

Relationship can be really painful when we don’t feel seen, and when we don’t disclose who we actually are we tend to not feel seen, even if someone is falling all over us.

And disclosing who we actually are can create chaos... ever tried it? I did, it was really painful too.

What’s up with that?

Here’s what I discovered:

I have to actually show myself to actually be seen, otherwise even getting what I want feels hollow.

And I have to bring curiosity to my thoughts before revealing those because otherwise I end up in an argument about what is so or debating reality and thats WAY less fulfilling then actually feeling into and getting someones world.

You CAN have what you want. If your like me, the path is going to seem like a freaking joke, and yet when you walk 5 steps down it you will KNOW its legit.

I am a coach. Check out this article if you want and hit me up for a session.

Turn your dating life into what you know, deep down, is possible. Drop what your done with and lean into what inspires you.

There’s a sign up form on the site.


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