This page is dedicated to the process of awakening, to personal and collective unfoldment, to aliveness, passion, purpose, intrigue, and the cultivation of awareness.

Alot of the resources here are geared specifically towards Coaches,  Wellness Practitioners, and Facilitators.  Most of the content is going to be useful to anyone with an open mind and a desire to open their heart, so dig in, indulge yourself, comment, and share with your friends.

If you scan down the left column of this page you will see a set of different themes, pages, and posts.  The overview page has short introductions to everything as of 8/28/08, and all of the new stuff is below, organized by date.

Here is an introduction to some of the themes we cover.

The “Conscious Coaching” Theme is designed for coaches, healers, and facilitators. It provides curricula for further developing ones ability to call forth the essential of another; to support individuals in their unfoldment process… the awakening of intuition, instinctual intelligence, and awareness.

The “Creating a Personal Practice” is my personal Journal and record of the process of crafting my own Integrative Personal Practice. I have long yearned for some form of a daily mind/body/spirit practice, and this journal is an expression of my commitment to creating that.

The “Financial Flow” Theme consists of articles that illustrate some of the principles and practices that I have uncovered around opening to financial flow.

The “Lasting Love” Theme consists of articles that are designed to illustrate the possibility of conscious relationship, and includes practices for calling it forth.

The “Methods” Theme is an overview of different methodologies that are covered in my writings. Often, folks want to know what the influences were for my coaching style, or how they can learn from them.  These writings cover the principles and practices of my main influences.  Ill try to keep updating it, because there are many.

Any tools and resources I come across will be in the “tools and resources” theme, and the “purpose” theme looks at life purpose, discovering it and living it.


A note from the Author
Hi, my name is Jonathan Haber. I have wanted a personal practice, whether it be yoga or meditation, for the past 7 or 8 years. In response to learning some new tools for self-coaching and a newfound inspiration to tune into a sense of purpose and have my actions flow from that, I have crafted a daily practice that really works for me.

If you are an individual who is interested in having a daily practice, whether it be related to yoga, meditation, or goal setting and completion, I might be able to help.

I am glad to introduce my personal and group coaching practice. Its growing everyday, and my interest in training coaches, creating curricula, supporting wellness practitioners, and working with facilitators is supported through it.

For Wellness Practitioners
Have you noticed how the level of ease and grace in working with your clients fluxuates? What is that about? I work with healers to use these fluxuations as signposts, as guides to understand where the opportunities are to come into a greater sense of inner/outer alignement. The benefit is more ease, more grace, more of the time.

For Coaches
Have you noticed that some of your mentors use tools and methods that are totally out of the box? Where do these practices come from? I am commited to learning about effective coaching from a diverse set of influences, to creating curricula for trainings via both workshops and playshops, and to providing coaches access to these training opportunities.

For Facilitators
If you are already a facilitator, you probably know the potency that can form around a strong container and group process. The facilitation of inner work through groups working together is not only one of the most exciting experiences I have come across, its is also a topic that I am deeply moved and inspired by. If you are a facilitator, I want to work with you to create curricula born from your heart, from your very own experiences, that will share your learning with the world.

For Wellness Practitioners, Coaches, and Facilitators
What does it take to build a successful practice? Calling in new clients, getting the word out, crafting your presence via flier and web, creating relationships… I want to learn about what it takes from the people who are doing it. I will do my best to share the resources that I find along the way.

Working with Jonathan Haber
If you want more information on what it looks like to work with me as a client, we can talk.   Click on the Contact form to make contact.

With High Regard
Jonathan, B.A. Cmt

Coach and Facilitator


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