My Coding Portfolio & Link to my latest passion project – Interdisciplinary Coaching Web App

I mentioned I was building a virtual, interdisciplinary coach web app to a couple folks yesterday, and they wanted to see it.  As promised, I grabbed a domain ( and uploaded the files today.  My host claims we have to wait about 24 hrs for them to go live!! 😦 Either way, please enjoy!  I will be building this every day to showcase that which is to come… On the IOS side of things, my site is out of date, as there is not 1, but are now 17 iOS coaching apps I have developed… WHY not in the App Store yet?  The fundamental quandry of my life… I love to build… need an assistant here to refine and syndicate… they will come!  Previews too… but too captivated by this Javascript coach platform because you can see it happen in real time… Love you all…


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