How to make 4k/month driving for Uber, SideCar and Lyft

This post is dedicated to your freedom:

  • Your financial freedom,
  • Your freedom to work when you want to, where you want to, how you want to.
  • Your freedom to directly impact your personal bottom line by how you show up to your work in the world.

In my experience with driving for peer to peer driving companies I have been blown away by the raw opportunity present.

  • Do you like people?
  • Good Conversations?
  • Meeting new people?
  • Helping people out?
  • Are you looking for quality work?
  • Want to be your own boss?

If so, you might get a kick out of making money driving for Uber, Lyft and Sidecar.  I can personally show you how to get your finances from $0 to $4k/month with this path, even if you don’t have a car, and I am in a mastermind group working to shift our finances from $4k/m to $8k/m working with these services.  Once you hit the 4k mark you are invited to join us in that group, formally.  In the mean time, you can use this guide.

Lets customize this conversation:  Which one of these fits better?

You are not driving with any of these companies and want to bring your finances from <4k/m to ~4k/m.

  • If this sounds like you, keep reading, this is for you!

You are already driving for one or more of these companies and you want to make more money.

You are already making $4k/month and you want to shoot closer to $8/m

You want to be your own boss, but you don’t want to do so driving.  You want to know what else is out there.


Step 1:   Dial in your vehicle situation.

Lets start where your at, which of these applies to you?

Start at the top, work your way down. 

Step 2 – Get a vehicle inspection.

  • Next you are going to need a vehicle inspection.  As long as your applying for Uber, there are many places that will do this for $20 or even free (like in SF).  That same inspection form will work for Sidecar and Lyft as well.

Step 3: Start working and start actively working towards giving yourself a raise.  Here is a guide to this part. 


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