101 Ways to Make More Money Driving for Uber, Lyft & Sidecar


So your working for Uber, Lyft or Sidecar and you want to make more money, this guide is for you.   Check out the ideas, share your ideas, comment, and lets build this to at least 101 ideas together.

  1. Join the Competition. 
    1. Already work for Uber?  Join Lyft, and so on.  Run the apps at the same time.  When one provides a ride, kill the other app.  When you drop off your ride, launch them both again.  This will eliminate the down time you have in between rides, which will increase what you are making.  The individual companies are not designed to optimize your income, they are designed to optimize their wait times, so they do not encourage this.  That said, make sure you kill the apps you are not using because you cannot respond to 2 calls at the same time and they each measure your response rating and may temp. disconnect your account if you are not responding enough.
  2. Work when your needed
    1. Track the busy times and best times to work for each company and be there.  Uber will pay up to 7 times your rate, for example, during a high demand period.  If theres a game happening or any other reason it will be busy, the fares go up.  Turn the app on occasionally and check in on how busy it is.  Look for the surge multipliers and plan your times to be working when its busy.
  3. Create Unique Experiences
    1. The Idea: Create a unique experience for each person
    2. How to do it: Tune into what you care about most in being alive, and be willing to share that.  Ask about their day, and listen for what they are caring about, see if you can get what they care most about, and ask about that, without pressuring them… just mention your curious and leave space for them to share.
    3. Pay attention!  If someone is having a hard day they may be silent, or prefer silence, and that may be the best gift you can give.  Notice their tone of voice and how quickly they respond, if it seems that they want silence, offer that.
    4. An example: I care a lot about giving my unique gift to the world, so I listen for what I imagine is their unique gift, I guess at what it might be, share this, share my curiosity about it, and leave space…
  4. Provide refreshments
    1. The Idea: Have complementary gum, water and snacks on hand
    2. How to do it: Pick up lil snack packs at trader joe’s, individually wrapped, gum, altoids, waters, etc, and put them in the door by the guests.  Rather then asking each person, just let them know there are complementary refreshments.   
    3. An example: I do sparkling water, waters, trail mix and organic apples…
  5. Create a unique plan
    1. The Idea: Create your own plan for how to do this, measure your progress, re-evaluate regularly
    2. How to do it: List your goal, your milestones, your ideas, brainstorm each idea, track the best ones, use a project management tool like Coach.me or Things (from cultured code) to manage those tasks, get them done, measure your sales regularly, see whats working and whats not, re-evaluate regularly, track your insights also, your opportunities also…
    3. An example: I use Coach.Me to track my goals, including this one… See it here  
  6. Get a Coach
    1. The Idea: Get someone to help hold you accountable to your goals and chosen habits
    2. How to do it: You can pay for one or get free coaching from me.
      1. If you work for Side.cr, you can call customer support and get connected to a mentor.
      2. If you work for any of the companies you can go to StreatFood Market and meet other drivers to learn about who would be a good mentor.   Look it up on google maps.
      3. Choose a plan that meets you where you are at
  7. Track and Evaluate your progress
    1. Use a free service like SherpaShare to track your financial progress and evaluate for new opportunities.

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