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Integral PraXis


Accentuating the evolution of consciousness, one precious, vital, moment at a time.
I envision a socially just, relationally harmonious, ecologically sustainable human presence on planet Earth.
In service of this vision, I am cultivating 2 particular mission-elements that I would like you to be aware of. One is primarily a cause… the fulfilling of a mission to make available to every last person on the planet the tools, resources, methods and practices that would serve as a path to actualizing our latent potential and that would accentuate the evolution of consciousness: The Integral Inquiry Project.
The Integral Inquiry Project

The other is an opportunity that I see for funding the first, while tapping some of my passions, gifts and skills, and exploring how they intersect with what the world wants, needs and seems resonant with. It involves sourcing ethically harvested, high integrity cacao, manufacturing raw, organic, superfood infused cacao bars and distributing them to the world. A generous portion of the proceeds from this emerging cacao biz is aimed at funding the Integral Inquiry Project.
The Good Stuff Chocolates
The Good Stuff Chocolates


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