Video Marketing Coaching

This is a response to a conversation in the Co-Active Coaching Network, that illustrates my thoughts, experiences and offerings for individuals curious about education based marketing, low budget video creation, syndication and marketing.

I have been debating lately about adding a personal video to my coaching website for my visitors to have a feeling of who I am and see the way I interact with people. Personally, I enjoy seeing someone’s video when I’m interested in buying their service/product just to ear their voice, energy and to have a good feeling about it before making a decision.



I LOVE the idea. Video is one of the biggest channels that I use to share my brilliance with the world, and I imagine that my video channel could be aptly described as an undiscovered gem on the web, as its both new and does not have a ton of viewership.

In contrast, I made videos professionally for another business and seem to have acquired over 69K views!! In that I imagine I might be willing to consider video crafting as a possible path for the unfoldment of my vocation.

Anyhow, I just did this, and I am curious what you might think. My personal philosophy is that the fear of not being professional enough is one of my own obstacles to letting my brilliance be seen, felt and experienced by the world.

In that, I aspire to capture all of what I have to offer on video and syndicate it for free to the world. I imagine that people who are compelled by this (education based marketing) will ask for more, and in that challenge me to show up in my brilliance and grow to new heights!

Does any of this resonate with you in your situation?

An offer and context

If you or anyone else wants super-budget video production and syndication, I would be glad to help.

Heres my “portfolio”

My coaching video for contrasting my style with other styles:

My channel for video work that got over 69k views for someone else’s product line:

And my youtube channel for revealing my brilliance to the world, sharing my gifts and hopefully challenging people to challenge me to show up in even more profound and inspiring ways:


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