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This is a response excerpted from a conversation in the Co-Active Coaching Network on Enneagram Application, on How to Find our Enneagram Type.

Good afternoon, awesome coaches. I have a challenge. I use enneagram a lot with clients, and they get a lot of value, but I have had a hard time determining my own enneagram type, and I believe I have been mis-typed on several occasions.

So, I am looking for someone who could help me to determine my true type, hopefully in a session or at most two, in exchange for an awesome testimonial about your skills as coach / type practitioner.

David K., PhD, CPCC

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Dear David,

b Application of the Enneagram

I find the Enneagram most useful when I shift my perspective from \”which type am I\” to \”which type/pattern\” is showing up here, in this particular occassion?

b Where this comes from

When I was in a masters-level Enneagram course a couple of years ago, one of the assignments each week was to read through a given type and find it within ourselves.

In process I discovered that each of the type/patterns show up for me in different circumstances and different ways.

This shifted my perspective. When I feel disconnected from my essential freedom, I seek to re-create the sense of freedom unconsciously… thus giving rise to the type 7 structures. That seeking resolves the inner tension that arises with the type 7 structure, temporarily, and yet the fundamental leverage for me seems like lie in my ability to make contact with the essential freedom, the intrinsic freedom, the underlying freedom of my being.

That fundamental leverage point seems to short circuit the entirety of the 7 structure, all of the unconscious patterns upon patterns of that rest upon each other and compose the 7 type.

Thus, I find the Enneagram map to be most useful as a map towards the fundamental and essential qualities of being that I may have lost contact with any time that I am exhibiting the type-pattern symptoms.

b A practice:

You can explore this yourself… identify which patterns are present for you now… and root out the quality of essence that those patterns indicate. Then, allow yourself to take notice of those essential qualities in another. Explore this. Feel it. Feel into it. Allow yourself to make intimate contact with it.

b Notice, how has your perspective shifted? What is different?

I created a couple of videos for guided inquiry aimed at recognizing the essential qualities that I most commonly lose contact with… my essential brilliance and my essential preciousness. You can find them in my Youtube channel… see the link below.

I am happy to offer sessions on this, which to me seems a more fundamental leverage point… I would suggest the following structure…

What are the actual circumstances in your life that give rise to your interest in exploring this?

What do you imagine this might serve to discover this?

From this, perhaps some time deducing which type-patterns are showing up and some practices for making contact with the essential qualities indicated.

And ideally, perhaps in another session, we could look at contemplative or inquiry based practices for getting at those fundamental leverage points and freeing up your conscious awareness to attend to that which is of more fundamental concern to you in this lived experience.

I would LOVE to hear other perspectives on any of this!!

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