Relationship as a Spiritual Path

What does it take to allow relationship to be profoundly fulfilling, deeply connective, radically eye opening, and immersively delicious? What would it take for my part in relationship to be one of devotion, authenticity, transparency, depth and warmth? What would it take for us to attract our soulmates, to recognize them as they appear, to magnetize them into our lives, to show up in a way that they get us and resonate with us for where we truly are?

If your in a relationship already and want to engage more of its capacity to be a cauldron for your growth and maturity, for the blossoming of your soul and spirit, there are several resources here. From tools to more skillfully navigate resistance, translate resistance into vision, move from vision into being the change we wish to see, to tools for owning our projections and allowing ourselves to see clearly, the resources in this site have the capacity to crack you wide open to your latent potential.

This wont happen without you, of course, participating fully. If you prefer a theoretical introduction, try some of the articles first. If you prefer a more hands on approach, try the tools first. If you prefer to feel into this work through your awareness, try some of the guided inquiry practices first. Choose your own adventure.

If you want direct support one on one, hire me as a coach. The first session is free, we see if its a fit. If not, Ill refer you to another coach until you find the right fit. If so, we can create an alliance that will support you each step of the way.


6 Steps to Authentic Relating (best article)

One of my more recent articles, inspired by training at the Integral center

Better relationships in 10 bites

A light-hearted article I wrote years ago

Foundations for Relationship as a Spiritual Path

Reflections and self-guided inquiry examples on relationship as a spiritual path


Relationship Evaluation Tool

a tool for taking subtle and nuanced perspectives to evaluate any relationship, replaces impulsive fight/flight autoresponses with mindful and informed discernment

Resistance to Embodiment

a tool for processing triggers, moving from resistance to being the change we wish to see

Mediation Tool

a tool for mediating any conflict that arises in relationship


Coaching for Authenticity in Relationships

thoughts on why you might be interested in coaching for more authenticity in relationship

There are more tools on my youtube channel as well…


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