Zen Coaching

Do you want to integrate your Zen practice or the insights of zen buddhism into your coaching style?   Are you feeling called to explore a zen coaching style?  Here are some principles that you can follow:

  1. Walk the talk:  To the extent your in the coaching relationship, allow what you value most about Zen meditation to be a shared context; that which you embody and that which your inviting your client into as well.
  2. Inquiry Learning; As you explore the Zen Coaching style within you, let the lessons arise, just like they would in your Zen Meditation, from the spaciousness of exploring the qualities of simply being.
  3. Assume Nothing; just as you would in a zen meditation, allow yourself to take no thoughts as absolute truth and support your client in the same by
  4. Welcome everything; Notice how in your zen meditation you are aiming to be present to whatever is so?   Welcome whatever is so in your client and invite them into the same.
  5. Notice where you awareness goes.  Rather then fixing to a coach/client relationship, explore what its like to BE with this client, and see what happens.

Would you like to try a Zen Coaching Session?  Let us know.

Would you like to get trained in Zen Coaching?  Let us know that as well.

This is an article in progress, please let us know what stands out to you, what your interested in learning more about, what resources and tools you use to explore these inquiries, and let us continue this discussion as a community.   Lets let our connections together be our context for learning.

Jonathan Haber B.A. CMT


Resources for Embodied Transformative Inquiry

Video invitation into uThrive Coaching Method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7lztHOaUtc

Guided practices, guided inquiry via video: http://www.youtube.com/integralpraxis

12 month course on Intersubjective Transformative Inquiry: https://coursecraft.net/courses/z9NwE

8 week course on music production: https://coursecraft.net/courses/z9NsX

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