What do you YEARN to LEARN?

What do you YEARN to LEARN?

Over the past 4 months I have sorted out some of the basic resistance I have been holding to owning my brilliance, committing to living by my values, devoting myself to service and cultivating my sense of vocation.

In this, I am interested in discerning where to place my attention in terms of my vocation.  Through my inquiry, I have discerned that vocation is not just what we are brilliant at, and what ignites our soul and brings us to life, but also could (and for me should) take into account what the world needs and what the world values (and thus will reciprocate for).

Since I feel pretty clear about what ignites me and what I am brilliant at, I want to sort out what is needed and valued to suss out what direction to put my attention in developing my vocation.

I am partly driven by the koan “if you want mastery, teach that which you seek to learn”… and it resonates, so you will notice some of these pieces are about that which I wish to learn myself.

Please help me with this!

There’s a poll attached, please offer your feedback.  What would you yearn to be a part of, and what would you value (and thus be willing to pay for).  Multiple selections are ok!!  Descriptions of each are below, scan them down and the click what you imagine you would benefit from and value.   I added links for some of these in case you want more info.

Courses/Trainings/Coaching/Support on…

  • Digital education architecture:  How to TEACH what you yearn to learn and create a learning community online.
  • Experiential Workshop Architecture:  Facilitation skills, Leadership Skills… How to craft and design a workshop that is profoundly transformative for the people you yearn to work with.
  • Cultivating the Art of Being: Tools, Resources, and trainings for cultivating intimacy with the moment
  • Social Media Marketing:  How to take your existing offerings, create video content and market it through educational trainings and syndication of the videos you create.
  • Presence in relationship:  Experiential, Interactive Games for cultivating deeper presence in relationship, thus enabling deeper intimacy, the feeling of being seen and truly seeing another, feeling felt and deeply feeling another.
  • Life Coaching: Support in moving forward in any area of your life.  Identifying and bringing more fully into active awareness your core values, goals, visions and who you must be in order to actualize your dreams.
  • Meditation:  Tools for restoring harmony, trust, resonance in any relationship, or moving from tension to mutually supportive collaborative aims.
  • Vocational development:  support identifying your vocation and moving towards it.
  • Engaging your latent potential:  Tools, skills, resources for identifying your latent brilliance,  your capacity to grow and mature, your capacity to actively engage your path of unfoldment, and support on that path.
  • Intersubjective Transformative Inquiry:  Tools, Skills, Discernment for deepening your coaching, facilitation and counseling practice.
  • Getting Clients now:  Support in development and deployment of a custom marketing plan for attracting new paid clients into your personal practice.
  • Work that Reconnects:  Support in turning despair, grief, burnout and overwhelm in your service work into profound sources of creative energy… allowing your service work to bring you to life, unlocking your creative capacity to show up for the emergence of a just, harmonious and sustainable civilization on the planet.
  • Applied integral theory:  Support in applying the worlds most comprehensive and integrative theory of existence to your life, personal practice, profession, vocation, or the actualization of your dreams.
  • Council:  Tools, resources and practices for calling council with your peers or community dedicated to emergent group intelligence, spiritual inquiry or clarity about anything.
  • Cultivating mutuality:  Tools, resources, training and support for discovering what is mutual in any relationship and leaning into that for the sake of systemically removing the triggers for resistance and dissonance and freeing up the capacity of your relationships to be a foundation for the giving of your deepest gifts.
  • Coaching skills for non-coaches: Tools for turning every conversation you have into a moment of deep, authentic, useful supportive inquiry.  Turn advice giving into transformative inquiry.
  • Coaching for Accelerated learning – support developing your educational or learning path, for applying it to engrain the insights and lessons learned, for accelerating the path of getting what you have come for in your learning.
  • Integral Life Practice creation and deployment:  Support for developing and architecting your personal path of self-development, such that you are taking a more active role in the maturation of your relationship with your self, in your relationships, with your movement towards wholeness.  Also serves Integration between you and your partners distinct spiritual practices, can bridge different religions or paths and reveal mutual practices you can share.
  • Guided contemplative inquiry training – how to become a profound facilitator in any path: guiding yoga classes, coaching, training, facilitating, or holding space for a friend.
  • Financial Freedom:  Tools, practices and support for releasing resistance to being financially free, and to building stronger, better, more aligned income streams.
  • Tools for releasing resistance Tools, practices and support for letting go of resistance in any area of your life.
  • Magnetizing your soulmate:  Tools, resources, inquiry, support for using your resistance as a compass for orienting yourself to becoming who you need to become to magnetize your soulmate… for shifting from seeking him/her to emanatating a resonance with him/her.
  • Recognize your Intrinsic Preciousness: Guided inquiry for coming into deep awareness of your intrinsic preciousness such that you can shift from wanting others to see this to sharing it. 
  • Clearing:  Tools and support for clearing up tension between you and anyone willing to participate with you in this process, OR tools for exploring what ways of relating naturally create space for clearing (works to the extent the other person is not committed to holding tension/resistance/judgement of/about/towards you)

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