Inspired, blown away, grateful


I feel deeply in awe at the miracle of what is possible right now.  I am blown away that my blog from years ago has received over 21,000 hits, and that a youtube channel I created years ago has received over 69,000 views.

In reading this blog over I am realizing a strong pulse to update it, to update the offerings, to update the pages, to update the content.  So much has changed since I logged in last over 3 years ago!

I feel really inspired by the positive feedback I have been getting around my work and reflections.  Thank you dearly to all of you who have  been offering your words, reading my own, and sharing your reflections!

A couple of things that might be noteworthy, I have spent months now training in the midst of many mentors at the Integral Center in Boulder, CO.  What they are teaching each-other and training individuals in the community is truly revolutionary.   The application of Integral Theory (a map) as applied to any territory seems to be putting those who would do so ahead of the curve in thier professions, in thier abilities to grow, in thier abilities to create.   A couple examples of old school Integral Theory students to mention include:

Saul Williams – who brought Integral Theory in application to his spoken word pieces and has taken the world by storm.

Saniel Bonder – who brought Integral Theory to bear on the subtle relationships between kindred members of spiritual inquiry and developed “Waking Down in Mutuality”, a practice for group based collaborative inquiry that challenges the facilitator to show up in vulnerability, transparency and authenticity.

Decker Cunov – who brought Integral Theory in application to bear on the topic of Intersubjectiviy as well and has thus generated a context for training facilitators in Circling (an intersubjective inquiry) and is now training a legion of facilitators to go forth into the world and bring a profound new awareness to the intrinsic connectivity, the intrinsic care and the intrinsic yearning for our own presence revealed in a circling context.

Robert Mcnaughton – who has collaboratively taken the reins on managing the Integral Center, supported the unfoldment on one of the first holearcy-based operational structures in so-called business and supported the bringing of the gifts of so many people forth in an integrated fashion there.


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