Emerging Inspired Events: Embodied Transformative Inquiry at Ecstatic Dance Events

Today, I am noticing a yearning to launch ecstatic dance events… and underneath that realizing its because I want to organize workshops prior to ecstatic dance that utilize a variety of lineages and teachers to provide a comprehensive, coherent, nourishing dip into the immediate embodied experience.

In being with this I am aware that I could explore this possibility without actually needing to launch an ecstatic dance with collaboration with Ecstatic Dance Oakland.

I am curious about the possibility… i would imagine it would simply take organizing teachers to come present their work prior to the typical yoga/contact class that exists.

It could start with a simple one-hour course, once a week… and then if that feels mutually generative, could build out into a second, a third and so on… eventually, theres the possibility of a full day of embodied inquiry from 6 or 7 different teachers that is integrated at dance…i am curious what your thoughts might be on this.


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