The Evolution of Core Values and how to Identify Them

What are core values, why are they important, how can they be identified, how do they evolve, and what does the apex of our relationship with our values have to offer us?

Our core values are the qualities of being that we care most deeply about.  To the extent that we are unconscious about our desires, we are compelled and attracted to that which seems to exude what we most deeply yearn for, without knowing what it is that we are seeking.

In the evolution of spiritual warriorship, we seek to bring that which is unconscious into the light of our conscious awareness.  This is called shadow work or bright shadow work.

To the extent we are aware of what we desire (and move away from), we can take an active role in moving skillfully towards it.   Further maturation of the heart of the spiritual warrior results in a devotion to becoming that which we seek.

Lets look at this in stages.

At a beginners stage we live more-so in resistance to what we don’t want and in a lustful state towards what we do want.

At this stage more then the others we live in resistance, reacting to that which repels us and unconsciously seeking to attain what we are attracted to.

In further maturity we identify what it is that we desire, and extract from that what qualities of being we imagine our desires would bring forth.  As we begin to resonate from this place, we shift from reacting to what we don’t want to utilizing that which repels us as a compass to move towards what we do want.

In further maturity we commit to becoming that which we value most.  To the extent we resonate with this we attract others committed to becoming that which we value also.  This is called mutuality.  In this we find seeds to the birthing of mutual support, mutual growth, and mutual aspirations… which can become a powerful foundation for the birth of a coherent community.

And in further maturity we move from and as those values, and rather then seeking them seek to share them.   When we come from this place we magnetize that which we once were seeking, and become an invitation by virtue of our presence alone.


Identify your values

Identify what you are seeking and what you imagine getting such will offer you… how you will feel… what qualities of existence you imagine will be present upon attainment.

Make a list.

Notice that which repels you the most, and notice what qualities specifically you imagine are present within that. Make a second list.

From this, ask yourself, if I don’t want this, what do I want instead.   Add this to the first list.

Contextualize your values

Context can be just as important, and perhaps far more important even then content.   Content is what is so.  Context is the space out of which it arises.

Contextualize your values by clarifying to yourself why each of them is important to you.

More even

There is a method I use for evaluating my coherence with my values and navigating incongruences discovered therein.  Please let me know if you would like me to expand on this with that or something else.

An Example

Heres an example from my personal Integral Life Practice.


because it occurs to me as my nature to allow the ferocity of my soul to present itself, it
fosters my devotion


Devotion because giving seems to allow me more to give


because to allow contact with what is seems to enable a cherishing of life and devotion to others



Because resisting life is suffering, welcoming what is seems to foster bliss



Because attunement to what brings me aliveness, inspiration, integrity, coherence… this attunement cultivates my capacity to give my deepest gifts and fulfill my calling



Because its possible to choose my freedom and in this pure potentiality seems to reveal itself


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