Intersubjective Transformative Inquiry Training

Intersubjective Transformative Inquiry

Intersubjective Transformative Inquiry – 1 year training

Intersubjective Transformative Inquiry

Practical, Experiential Tools, skills, discernements and practices for coaches, facilitators and counselers to thrive through practice and relationship.



When educational or personal development aims are attempted by virtue of the mind alone, they are constrained to the possibility of adding understanding and in that, a sense of security… a sense of knowing.  When they are based on inquiry, on being with questions, and on navigating what arises, they can crack the mind open to new ways of seeing, which can then liberate possibility and accenuate awareness.

Awareness alone can be a means for transforming the mind, body and soul… of engaging and accelerating the evolution of consciousness and the maturization of being.  Transformative Inquiry aims to transform the totality of ones being-in-the-world, through navigating what arises in the moment, taking notice of the subtlety of human awareness, cultivating our capacity to percieve nuance and exploring critical distinctions.   Intersubjective Transformative Inquiry aims to fulfill the vision of transformative inquiry while drawing from the fundamental interconnectivity between beings, the capacity of being to discover its reflection in another, and the capacity of relationship to serve as a context for transformative inquiry.

These trainings are poingnant in the world today because they contain the possibility to literally transform every conversation we have, every relationship we have, including our relationship with ourselves, with family, with co-workers, within intimate relationships, by virtue of awareness alone.

One of the most fundamental leverage points in human developed recognized is that of embodiment.  Peak experiences from experiential inquiry are fundamentally transformative, but only to the extent that they are grounded in the body, in behavior, applied to actual life experiences, will they solidify from temporary peaks to new grooves of being available in the journey of life to come.

Thus, this year long training is aimed to provide interactive, relational practices with Jonathan Haber B.A. Cmt (Games for Relational Presence), Mentorship, Guidance and Practices from Guy Sengstock (of Arete), a comprehensive experiential investigation of complementary methodologies for coaching, counseling, facilitation, and spiritual inquiry, Embodiment Practices with Samantha Sweetwater (Founder of Dancing Freedom), Subtle Energy Integration with Laila Cintron (Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and Trainer), Free Form Ecstatic Dancing for Integration as well as Profound Integrative Soundscapes with Kyrstyn Pixton.

The event envisioned will be a deep dive into the realms of intersubjective transformative inquiry and embodied transformative inquiry.

:: An personal invitation from the desk of Jonathan Haber B.A. Cmt in Berkeley CA ::

I am deeply passionate about cultivating my ability to relate with presence, appreciation, resonance, from wholeness and with a lightness of being.

This vision serves as a compass for me in orienting myself in relationship to who I desire to be in the world and how I desire to show up for the world.

In being with the question “what would it take for me to cultivate my ability to show up in resonance with my values and coherence with how I desire to be in the world”, I find myself seeking immersive interdisciplinary training in spiritual practice, relational practice, counseling, coaching and facilitation roles.

And in this I have discovered a passion for a specific kind of learning environment.  Experiential, Inquiry based, Embodied and Relational learning environments ignite my soul, call forth the blossoming of my brilliance, and provide grounded insights that actually show up for me in every-day situations and circumstances.

In discerning my vocational calling, I have come to discover that I yearn to give unto the world that which is of the utmost value to me in my own life, and thus I am crafting courses that bring together the most profound elements of my personal training.

I hope you will join me in the profound journey into the subtlety of being, the path of becoming, the building of a bridge  between these apparently disparate aspects of the unfoldment of our Being-In-The-World.

This course meets monthly, one weekend a month for 12 months, in person in a location TBA in the Bay Area of CA, all you will need is your curiosity, your openness to learning and the books we will read together.

We will cover tools, resources, methods and practices together that inform our relationships, our practices, the giving of our gifts as coaches, facilitators, counselers, community members and spiritual seekers who desire more depth, presence and insight through our relationships.

Why you might want to join us:

  • You are a coach or counseler and you want to thrive in your practice, to show up for deep and lasting changes for your clients, to expand your range of skills, tools, practices, to bring yourself more fullyto that which arises between you and your clients.
  • You are a facilitator and desire to walk-the-talk moreso, you want to LIVE and BREATH the quality of beingthat you desire to welcome in your clients.
  • You recognize the pricelessness of experiential, embodied, interactive learning platforms and desire to nourish your soul with more immersion into these practices.
  • You are passionate about the application of Integral Theory in Practice and desire to refine your capacity to show up in your brilliance in the world
  • You aspire to allow your relationships to be anexpression of your spiritual path, and yet feel blocked somehow and unsure what is in the way.

Each weekend will contain

  • Opportunities to make contact with the radically open capacity of the mind through curiositywonder andattention to subtlety and nuance
  • Interactive Practices in groups, in dyad, in large circles and independently
  • Explorations in Embodied Transformative Inquiry; guided and free form movement
  • Explorations in stillness; allowing space for presence with the immediacy of the moment
  • Organic, Alive, Nutrient Dense Foods as an exploration of the relationship between diet and your capacity to show up in your brilliance
  • Subtle Energy Work – Explorations of the intersection between subtle energy and inquiry.


  • Integral Spirituality in practice, counseling, coaching, facilitation roles
    • Wholeness 
      • as an expression of being – always, already whole
      • as an act of becoming – Shadow Integration
    • Appreciation – Welcome Everything
    • Curiosity – Assume Nothing
    • Presence – 
      • Allowing Contact with What is So
      • Cultivating Intimacy with the moment
    • States of Consciouseness
    • Stages of Consciousness
  • Intersubjectivity – revealing the we
    • Resonance – allowing coherence with what we care about
  • Emergence – attuning/attending to what is arising

**  This is an evolving curricula!  check back intermittantly to discover the refinements we have made!  Rather then seeing this curricula as a noun, consider seeing it as a verb.  Its intended to be active, adaptive, evolving, and growing; a microcosm of that which we aspire to show up as facilitators for.

Confirmed Facilitators:

Jonathan Haber B.A. CMT 

Jonathan has been coaching for 9 years, facilitating group inquiry for 5.  He co-founded the Healing on Mother Earth Project with Kari Stettler, attained a BA from CIIS in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis on Deep Ecology, Studied with Joanna Macy and presented her work: “the work that reconnects” to over 50 groups from Sebastopol, CA down to Santa Cruz.  He has collaborated with over 25 local leaders in co-presenting workshops, studied Intersubjective Inquiry at the Integral Center in Boulder, CO, has completed half of an M.A. degree in Integral Theory at JFK and is currently pursuing completion of his M.A. degree via Meridian University.

Weekend 1

  • metaphoric reflection 
  • Cultivating Presence and Insight through reflection accentuated by the use of metaphor
  • Content: In this lesson we will refine our ability to reflecting that which we are hearing.  We will explore each other as reflections for our own unfoldment, the emergence of our clarity, the fostering of insight and the settling of all that arises when we allow ourselves intimacy with the moment.
  • Inquiry: What arises with the experience of “being seen” and “fully seeing” another?   What does it take to create an intentional community of learning ripe for transformation?  What role does mutuality play in our path?  What is mutual in this group?
  • How: describe process and practice reflecting using metaphor
  • reading: 1st half of the coactive coaching manual

Weekend 2

  • immediacy – describe immediate experience and practice empathetic connection via reflection
  • Inquiry – what would it take to allow full contact and full intimacy with the immediacy of the present moment?  What arises within this?  How does disclosing our immediate experience inform our relationships?  Our clients?
  • reading – Diane Hamilton

Weekend 3

  • Context vs Content – practice tending to context rather then to content and offer reflections
  • Inquiry: What is the difference between the content of a subjects sharing and the context out of what it arises?  What is possible when we tend to the context of a beings experience rather then the content?
  • reading – 1st half of the hakomi method

Weekend 4

  • Sedona Method – practice using the sedona method to release resistance
  • Inquiry: What role does appreciation have in an intentional relationship?  (Coaching/Counseling/Facilitation)  What is the aikido of relating?  How could the principles of aikido inform our relationship with what is so?
  • reading: the sedona method

Weekend 5

  • Inquiry – (Byron katies inquiry) – practice the judge your neighbor worksheet
  • Our Group Inquiry:  What role does believing our thoughts have in informing our immediate experience?  What is the impact of allowing curiosity to inform our relationship with our thoughts?  What does it take to bring our relationship with our thoughts into our awareness, and what freedom does this afford?  What is the difference between the immediate experience and what we interpret as true?
  • reading: I need your love, is that true?  Byron Katie

Weekend 6

  • Body language – practice noticing body language and getting curious about it
  • reading: 2nd half of the hakomi method

Weekend 7 – 

  • Gestalt/Zen – Practice Big Mind process and get an introduction to gestalt
  • Reading: Big Mind, Big Heart by Genpo Roshi

Weekend 8 

  • Shadow Work – Practice Feeding your Demons Practice and get an introduction to Shadow work
  • Reading: feeding your demons

Weekend 9 

  • Guided Dreaming – Practice Yoga Nidra and explore holding apparent opposites simultaneously
  • Reading: Founder of Yoga Nidra texts

Weekend 10

  • Mindmovies – Practice creating custom guided meditations, experiences, inquiries
  • Digital Review – several mindmovies, then create your own

Weekend 11

  • Integral Life Practice – Practice crafting our own custom Integral life practices and sharing them

Weekend 12

  • Integrative Inquiry – Practice integrating the tools we have learned

Weekend 13 

  • Intersubjectivity – Practice Intersubjective Inquiry
  • Presented by Guy Sengstock if possible

Weekend 14 

  • Getting Real – Practice the Getting Real Inquiry and explore revealing our self-talk
  • Reading: getting real

Weekend 15

  • The Enneagram – Practice enneagram self-typing and inquiry
  • Presented if possible by Jordan Luftig

Weekend 16 

  • Trust – Practice trusting the subject’s intrinsic wisdom, letting them guide what they desire to experience
  • Reading: Integral Spirituality – Ken Wilber 1st half

Weekend 17

  • Brilliance – Practice trusting the subjects intrinsic brilliance and attuning to awareness of it, letting that guide the inquiry
  • reading – integral spirituality – Ken Wilber 2nd half

Weekend 18

  • Thomas Hubl – practice the “we” practice

Weekend 19

  • Mediation between disparate parties

Weekend 20 – 24 

  • Open Space Technology – To be defined based on what arises, practices to be sorted out; by default this will be circling based

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