The Great Turning Video Playlist

This is a video playlist about the emergence of a just, sustainable human presence on the planet.


See the prelude – Joanna Macy on the Great Turning
(educational video)
(scroll down to the video player and press play)

Joanna Macy speaks to the necessity of the Great Turning and that which threatens it.

See Part 1 – “Global Shift” here
(Interactive Slideshow Video)

This is an interactive slideshow set to Morcheeba’s music which speaks to the current societal shift and the emergence of a sustainable civilization, also known as the Great Turning.

See Part 2 – “Will You Step Forward Now” here
(potent poetry)

This is an adaptation of a poem by Anita Barrows which Joanna Macy uses to illustrate a pathway into that which gives form to the essential and necessary emergence of new values… a pathway into the fundamental shift in consciousness that I am coming to believe we are all in the midst of in this particular moment of our history.

See part 3, “Unconditional,” here
(potent poetry)

This is a potent poem from Jennifer Welwood which illustrates a key aspect of the shift in consciousness that is happening during the Great Turning

See part 4 – “Systemic Change and The Work that Reconnects” here
(academic presentation)

This is an Introduction to a course which provides an in depth exploration of this particular moment in our worlds history. It serves as an outline for undestanding the Great Turning.

See part 5 – “Just for Today”

See part 6 – “Sourcing Change”

Inspired poetic reflections about creating sustainable change on the planet.

See part 7 – “7 Tools for Changing your reality”
(Educational Video)

One essential characteristic that the builders of a new age know to cultivate we can call “unmessabilitywithness”.. the ability to come from the realm of possibility in the present moment in the face of no support and even total opposition. This calls for ones internal alignment, which these tools will help us create.

See part 8 “the 30 day Challenge, day 1” here

Also in support of the quality of “unmessabilitywithness”, this video teaches us a tool for working with creative energy to create internal alignment, which supports our ability to come from the present moment and therefore to draw from the realm of possibility.


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