I unload thoughts into it like a dump truck
thoughts continuously riling themselves up

I unload like a rocketship seperating from yesterdays rocket
all the notions of a better day which my mind is seeking like a wild dog chases a cat

I unload like a stock broker jumping off a bridge to my death
witnessed by the failure of measuring my life by that which is out side of me

I unload this humble and arrogant vessel that I call my “self”
My emptiness is an invitation to recognition of blessings held within my dance

I invite spirit through this moment
To be the voice, to be the song, to be the glimmer, to which I see,
to be the river, to be the space, to be the opening,
to be the form which gives meaning to that which I call grace

I am the invitation pleading to me to be set free from ball and chain of my own creation
Creating who I am and what I’ve got,
everything that we think is that which we have gotten
all the pieces of yesterday which remind us of subtle sensations
like a backpack packed full of legos formed into tomorrows creation
I am that invitation inviting the space of rememberance while inviting the full and
unequivocated release of the stagnancy of yesterday.

May we allow life, laughter and celebration
may it saturate my soul like a waterfall from the melting glaciers of yesterday

May I allow all that arises
each blessing like a bubble that absolutely tickles me

May I allow All that passes
Like a bad check may I allow the crashing hammer of your rejection to be my post office invitation to pack my
things and find meaning in something bigger then your conditional love

All that I love
and All that I hate

I am, all that arises
the tests and celebrations
the times of hardship and strive
the jagged edge of spirits numinescent knife
I am the mystery that gives form to this dance between you and me

I am, all that passes
song birds as they crash in
to the waves of dis-information
disillusioned mind and settling into the space in
side of which all that washes this simple, elegent song of a soul
to reside in comfort and grace in

I am breaking

and through this subtle song
I invite that the heartbreak and longing
that tears at my soul like a straightjacket still fastened being ripped from me
give in some unexplainable way
opening to grace

I invite this pain
to give form to love
this willingness to see
to give form to new ages
to new ways
to new conditionality

may I
as I run about constantly seeking
the next thing to free me
find a way through this

and see grace elegantly putting the depths of me
to a nonverbal test

and may I show up
as you do
to the calling of our times
and give form to the spaces
that elegantly define
everything we hope to be
hope to see
and hope to love in this dance that we call
you and me

:: :: ::

I am freed from my limitations
by virtue of changing circumstances
refueled in my sense of self
my sense of being
my sense of living
may I

indulge in this fantasty
and direct its energy
to serve the deepest intention of my soul
in its coalescence

May I
in relation to survival
to food, water, shelter and sustenence
invest in my own capacity
to tend to my individual needs
in such a way that I am freed
to tend to the needs of my community

May I
create a foundation
upon which I am liberated
from the jests and jesters of yesterdays dramas
from the fools and foolhardiness that laughed at me from within my head
from the bullies who punked me
and the child yelling as it fell for help

May I
learn the mysteries of financial freedom
learn how my actions can bring joy to the lives of others
how my work can truly and fully embody the notion of right livelihood

May I
Attune to the deepest intention of my draw towards sexuality

may I
bridge sex with spirit as I dance in elation

May I
seperate sexuality from attachment
attachment from identity
identity from expression
expression from falsity
save for the rare but abundant opportunity to operate from a space of falsity with total intentionality
invoking the joke of awareness with a siren call which reverberates from the trickster energy in me

May I
Attune to my deepest intention in my desire to create
and may my creation
be an illiciting of the truth
an invitation of the honoring spirit laughing at my constructed reality

May creation spring from attunement and receptivity
and be released from unconscious negativity
break from the cycles of sleeping mindless action and investment
of the sacred force which I know as my personal creativity

May I
continue to see my creativity as sacred
My will power as unshakable
my direction as aligned
my spirit as present
my generosity as the source of sustainable fuel
for fuel that feeds me on all levels
for fuel that bridges worlds and dimensions
that makes for the state of total mastery
of all that is who I truly be

:: :: ::


:: :: ::

Love in a conditional state
reminds me of that which I hate
the sources of agony that we create
the mindless sweltering of silliness
giving form to norms outside of our normal space

:: :: ::



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