What is your Life Purpose? When are you NOT living it? 2/3


I completed my life purpose and life calling video yesterday.  Today I watched it before starting work.

My body is filled with chills and I am on the verge of tears.  Why is this so incredibly potent for me?

It seems like something within me has shifted, and yet not all the way.  I walked myself through a simple step by step process for getting down to a life purpose statement that resonated with me, and to getting down to a series of statements that resonated with me as “what I am called to do.”

And, as you might be aware, I put them in a mindmovie format.  Mindmovies are movies designed to serve as a platform for working with affirmation.  They are intended to help people align with affirmation.  And to align with affirmation is to become more intentional.  Through being more intentional we create space for gracefulness in our lives.

The effect that it had on me is profound.  I can hardly put it into words.  I now am aware that I have this resource for the rest of my life.  It is here.  I can look at it whenever I want to remind me of my purpose.  The photographs make it real.  Me on camera makes it real.  The music makes it real.  The music is one of my favorite songs on the planet.

I would like to help others make these.  How will I offer this?

1) Life purpose practice –

– a 60 minute intensive practice designed to clarify life purpose

2) Life Calling practice –

– a 30 minute intensive practice designed to clarity Life Calling

3) Mindmovie creation

– a 3 hour project of creating a movie for someone on these topics, like mind

I would charge $375 for this, and the person would have the opportunity to hire me to update it at any point.  This process would be split over a month of time, and they could learn how to create it themselves for the next one.

The whole thing could be taught to your average person online as well, and perhaps that is what is next.  To give this away for those who want to engage the work themselves.

Incredible.  I want to do this.


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