What is your life purpose? When are you NOT living it? (1/3)

Big question, yes?

I want to capture your attention and sustain it right now.

The primary goal of a comedian or actor.  Hmmph.

I am shaken, stirred, spiked, and thouroughly indulged in this moment.

My cup is overflowing, and I want to pour some of this unbelievable goodness into your cup.

What is a MindMovie?

What is the Sedona Method?

Why do coaches help clients find a sense of purpose?

Why do clients want a sense of purpose?

Why do you want to live your purpose?

What is it?

How do you know?

When are you living it?

When are you not?

How can we, as coaches, use video to attune ourselves?

What do we want to attune to?

When my guitar is out of tune, my expression through it is dissonant.

When I am out of tune… how is my expression?

What kind of a wake am I leaving?

What kind of a wake are you leaving?

If you are awake.  Thank you.

If you are asleep.  Thats ok.

If you are dreaming, welcome.

And if you are awake, consciously aware, and merged with the dream state, fully crafting your reality, fully tuned with your sense of purpose, and manifesting it in the world for the benefit of all beings.

Thank you.

Please continue.

Regardless of where you are at, a sense of purpose is enough of a Mac truck to make you and your family cry.

Really cry.

Tears of sadness?  Perhaps.

At what it has cost to be living out of accordance with your deepest purpose?


I have nothing to offer.

I am simply a muse.

What I would arrogantly invite you to do.

Is to discover your purpose.

And to live by it.

And if you accept this playful invitation.

You are invited to imagine how video can help you.

What would happen if you let your purpose be revealed to you.

And your calling?

And your deepest intent in life?

And if you were reminded of that?

In a way that inspires you?

And attunes you?

Every morning?

This is a seamless merging of the philosophy of mindmovies, life purpose discovery sessions, the sedona method, web video, and love.

What if this was something you could communicate to the world?

Who would you be?

how would that affect your life?

I formally invite you.

And.  If you are stubborn.  And if you want this.  And if you are not willing to take that step for fear of discomfort.  Or for the notion that you are not good enough.  Or for the notion that you dont have enough time.

I challenge you.

Show up.

Your life is waiting.

And it will not wait forever.

With playful sincerity,

Your muse.


Part 2 – origins



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