Integral Inquiry for Global Change via a Unified Movement Forwards

Well, this video does leave one short of breath.

The questions raised here are truly monumental.  Can we change the world as this man argues, through a unified movement?

His words are striking and inspirational.

And he does illustrate the shift that social media accessibility creates for humanity.  This video portrays how we are able to act as one voice, and how this affects everything we know and understand to be true.

How are you changing the world for the better?

What inspires you?

How would you like to give to the world?

What would change your world and create an uplifting reality for another person?

How are you giving?

And on what scale are you giving?

Will we miss this opportunity, with Obama in the white house, to make a shift towards resolution of our global problems and initiate a new way of being in relationship with each other? With the world?

The time for action is now, and people are mobilizing in many ways.

Solar Cells are being placed on roofs as we speak.

Groups are meeting in think tanks to address most known global issues.

Groups are teaching sustainability and wilderness studies as we speak.

How are you in service to the awakening of our planet?

How would you like to be?

What is your service?

It is time that we create something new, something that we can be proud of.

My promise is to give to the global movement towards a life sustaining civilization in some way every day.

What is your promise?

Jonathan Haber


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