8 Tools for Creating Music that Changes the World

How can you change the world with your music?  This question calls for an answer that spans many levels of our expression, so lets dig right in.

Speak from the heart
– be authentic
– reveal yourself
– be transparent
– trust

Speak to the collective
– who is your audience?
– what are they ready to hear?
– who are you?
– to whom are you speaking?

Tell a story
– span lifetimes with your songs
– cover the data
– save the interpretations

Integrate different roles
– Speak to deep time
– Speak as your highest self
– Speak as your shadow
– Speak as the earth
– Speak as the awakening
– Speak as the student
– Speak as the teacher

Let people know you exist
– publish your work
– bookmark your work
– write about your work
– get interviewed about your work
– create a blog
– create a social media presence
– create a music video
– simulpublish it to 30 video sites
– include links to your site
– ask people to share it

Integrate different styles
– teach something valuable
– leave a legacy

Learn from your teachers
– find 3 mentors
– nuture your top 20 relationships
– set your goals
– think big
– play big
– be big

Get reciprocated
– create passive income
– get seen

Related notes:

Want to make a music video?

Hire someone to come record your next show, create a plan for sharing your song, and implement it today.

There are many amazing video editors, recording agents, and social media marketing agents. I am just one. You can hire any to help you.

If you have friends willing to do this probono, put them on staff. Delegate responsibility to them and drop the ones who don’t follow through for the new ones ready to show up. Your future is not going to take form without foundation.

If you want to hire one person to do all of this, and you are on a budget, you can call me. I will try to find other people who do what I do to recommend as well.

Malcolm Dorje is a great video recorder, and I will ask him to post his rates on here. I am a decent coach, but if there are other coaches in the network, please post yourselves on here as a resource and forward this to your community.

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