The Inherent Playfulness of the Universe – cont. Reflections and a Call to Action

This article has been a hot topic on the coactive coaching network forum, so I am going to share with you a recent manifestation of it.

Is the universe inherently playful?

If it is, then I am taking myself far too seriously.

If the universe is inherently playful, then I would look at my life differently.  Would it change your perspective on your life?

If so, then what fun is available to us now?

What can we see as inherently playful?

We all have cycles in our life… when we are happy, we tend to be more light hearted, to feel more free, more expressive, and more allowing of the full range of our expression.

When we are sad, we tend to feel contraction and dissonance, and judgmental of ourselves.

Happiness and Sadness DO NOT need to be at the steering wheel for how open we are to the world, our circumstances, or any other part of our lived experience.

We can also see our openness in this way, related to a feeling of harmony, of expansion, of receptivity.

We can contrast this to the feeling of being closed off to the universe, to our experiences, to others.

As a matter of fact, this brings up a KEY POINT. There is a place in which we choose to shut someone out of our life because the relationship fails to meet our standards… because it fails to serve our purpose for example.

At the same time, while attempting to communicate this we get triggered, naturally withhold our truth to stay “strong” and we end up acting like a clown in retrospect.

This is when shutting down to someone can be opening to the space that this creates, but instead turns into running away from our experience.

In these moments I am learning to stay open, honest, and alive in my relations. I can choose grace. I can choose to place the “locus of control” gently into my center.

I can, as in Tantric Yoga Philosophy… Bring Energy to my Center and Expand infinitely out in all directions from there. From my center. This is not distraction. This is a focused laser beam that moves out in all directions from a focalized point.

I become the source point of my experience and a raging river of creative power. My power becomes infused with the vibrant, vivacious quality of fresh life giving potency.

OR – I choose to have my locus of control externally, and I react to my life in as many ways as needed to convince myself I am at the whim of a helpless set of circumstances.

I have played both extremes out and I would like to choose the first with such conviction that every cell in my body bursts into a spontaneous ecstatic fit of laughter.

Having said that, if you look at locus of control, an internal locus of control is more likely when events show you that your efforts produce good results.

I hope that I can learn to see the ways and paths of others as inherently valid with some degree of consistency. This is what we refer to as Self Management in a coaching setting.

So, now you:

I want you to take these questions and answer them with total honesty. The future of web marketing holds no secrets… and its authenticity that wins the prize.

You are called to exercise your courage and your desire to help others. This is what is called for now.

The days of top down marketing approaches are closing. It is the real stuff that is called forth. The real value. The real transparency. The real commitment to the well being of others. This is what gets you noticed now. The days of fooling others and obsessing of our self image are over.

  • Take these questions and answer them.
  • Show yourself.
  • If you have a website, include a link to it
  • Tie your answers in with your philosophy and how you can help the world. Your capacity to give.
  • From this place, invite people to learn more through your words and anything else you offer to the world.

See what happens.You have the courage to change the world. You have the capacity. You have the knowledge. The time is now.

Who are you out there? Some of you are coaches. Some of you are interested in coaching. Others don’t know what brought you to this forum or this post.

Who are you when you are strong? What are your moments of strength?

Most people have no idea how powerful they are. How powerful are you? What are you capable of?

Who are you when you give?
Most people don’t do a lot of conscious giving in their life because they are so caught up in gaining something, that their gain gets framed as requiring someone else’s loss.

Is the universe serious?
Look at your life circumstances from this lens. Look a the 5 most serious points. What do you see?

Is your life serious?

Are your dreams serious?

Are you coming from your center in your relationships?

In your relationship with money?

With service to others?

How do you serve the world?

How would you like to?

When do you feel most alive?

What do you most deeply want in life?

Yearn for?

Call in?



How powerful are you?

Who are you?

What happens through you?

What are you ready to experience?

What are you ready to know?

Please answer these questions, post your response, and share this forum with at least 20 others.

If there is not a way to share this forum available to you, send a link to 20 other people.

Please share this message and your responses by posting them on your Facebook profile or by sending them to your friends.  Post them here.  Engage this conversation so that it can impact more and more people.

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About the Author
Jonathan Haber is an Interdisciplinary Coach and Social Media Marketing Manager. He completed his undergraduate studies at the California Institute for Integral Studies in Interdisciplinary Studies. He has self studied life coaching, diverse spiritual practices, business coaching, and business development for over 8 years. He hopes to make a positive difference in the world by revealing himself, practicing discipline, and being the change he envisions for the world.

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