7 Reasons to hire a Coach

1) You want clear, measurable goals and some form of accountability

“When my goals are clear and measurable, and I know that someone is going to ask me how I am doing on them, I stay more focused and complete things faster.”

2) You want to know that your goals are aligned with your sense of purpose

“When I am clear about the relationship between my goals and my sense of purpose, and when I sync the two up, I feel more alive, more passionate, and more connected to the smaller tasks that I am completing.”

3) You want to feel empowered as you go through your day

“When I take full responsibility for myself; for my emotional and physical well being, and for the process of attaining my goals, I feel more comfortable, more entertained by my life, and a greater sense of peace.”

4) You want to learn to see your challenges as opportunities for growth

“The shift from seeing my challenges as obstacles to seeing them as opportunities for growth seems to be directly connected to my sense of freedom and acceptance.”

“I remember heading to San Jose for a job interview that seemed like the most important thing in my life at the time. I missed my exit and got lost, putting me really, really close to being late. As I drove, I remember becoming stressed and feeling tension gather in my shoulders. When I stopped for directions, someone pointed out that my car was leaking.. and it was. It poured radiator fluid all over the road. Rather then feeling bad for myself I quickly asked for help pushing it into a parking space. From there I jumped into action… minutes later I had the manager of the parking lots permission to leave my car there and I was on my bike racing across town. I remember waiting for the interviewer to become available at the office, and releasing my attachment to controlling the situation, and to the sense of security I would get through a successful interview. Through that, I returned to my center and had a great interview with a gentlemen who makes over a million dollars a year. Although I was 15 minutes late to the interview, I was still offered the position, and Anthony, my interviewee, offered to teach me what he knows about making money.”

5) You want to learn to focus your attention on what you appreciate

“When I focus on solving problems I continually turn up more problems. When I focus on what I appreciate I identify new and creative ways to invest my time and energy, and I experience a lot more freedom and inspiration. I work with coaches to gain opportunities to tune into that which I appreciate most.”

6) You want to create an effective marketing plan and follow it through to completion

“I know that spreading out my time and attention will dramatically limit my effectiveness. In building my practice, I instead choose to create a simple, focused approach to marketing and to follow it through to completion. Through this, I am able to attract more clients in less time.”

7) You want to learn about how easy and graceful it can be to create a thriving practice

“I am interested in learning about what it means to experience ease and grace in the process of creating a thriving practice. To this end, I work with coaching tools like the Sedona Method and my Personal Integrative Practice to release my attachments continually as I move through my day”.

Jonathan Haber B.A. Cmt


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