Useful tools for task management and goalsetting ::

This article covers some tools that I have found useful for task management and goalsetting, including Mindjet, ThinkingRock, Things, and


I already covered this in another post, but wrote some new thoughts that might be useful, so here they are.

The reason I find it helpful is because it illustrates relational dynamics, which is inherently non-linear… just like our thinking process.  Putting words into lines (word doc, etc) takes a level of translation that is not necessary :: Mindmapping can be more effortless for facilitating process.

One other useful tool for managing alot of thoughts is Thinkingrock,
you dump thoughts into it when you are done with your day, such as incomplete project thoughts… then, at your leisure, you process the thoughts in to actions, projects, delegatable items, and postponed items…

One other resource that I think we should look into is screensharing from

This would allows you to have conference call trainings in which everyone sees one persons screen… then you can look at one map (mindmanager), update it as we go, and have it as context for the meeting at hand…

If you want to set up some  conference call meetings, it could really make an impact.
Finally, I must have mentioned things as a resource for task managment.. it doesnt let you process thoughts like Thinking rock, but once you have your action steps laid out, you can track them in a really, really user friendly format… and it uses tags…  tags, as you know, are a non-linear organization system.  Things is THE BOMB….  really amazing.  I think it usually costs $50, and syncs with an iphone.

Jonathan Haber B.A Cmt


One thought on “Useful tools for task management and goalsetting ::

  1. For task management, you should also consider It offers features like gantt charts, notes, to-do’s, timesheet, events, calendar, milestones and much more.

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