Mindmovies: what they are, how to make them, an overview

This article is a short download on Mindmovies.  What they are, who makes them, where they are made, why they are used, how they are used, and some additional resources.

What it is:

A Mindmovie is a movie that typically contains affirmations, music, and photographs.

These movies should actually be referred to as slide shows in most cases, as they typically contain the elements that one would find in a slide show.  The idea seems to have originated from an individual who is marketing a Mindmovie creation kit, via mindmovie.net.

Who makes them:

Mindmovies are typically created by individuals who are interested in crafting a personal vision and working with it via the affirmations that illustrate it.  At times they are created by coaches (as in life coaching), for the sake of adding value to their coaching or consulting practice and offerings.

Where they are made:

These movies are typically made on a home computer, using either proprietary software developed by the individuals who intially coined the term or using other slideshow software such as iMovie HD.  A newer Mac seems to be a useful tool in creating these videos.

Why they are used:

This practice is based primarily on the notion that working with affirmations can accelerate the process of re-conditioning the mind, recreating the belief systems and automatic responses that provide human beings with a context within which they operate.

If an individual believes that crafting a personal vision, for an ideal professional life, for example, will offer some value in actually realizing that vision, then a Mindmovie is a context or tool that might be helpful.

How they are used:

Individuals start by crafting an ideal scenario for a given area of thier daily life.  “Conscious Relationship” is one example.

Creating Affirmations
After clarifying the vision, individuals will craft a script using affirmation.  Affirmations are statements made that declare that the ideal experience is already a reality, whether it actually is or not.

Creating the Mindmovie
The affirmations are then dropped into a slide show as slides, pictures are added that symbolize the affirmation for that individual, and music is added.

Working with the Mindmovie:
Individuals are typically directed to watch their mindmovie before bed and first thing in the morning, although anytime seems to work.  Mindmovie watching is sometimes coupled with emotional and energetic release practices to accelerate the process of reconditioning the unconscious mind.

Evolving the Mindmovie:
Through working with a Mindmovie, one typically seems to notice what wants to be expanded and what can fall away.  In this way, individuals witness the evolution of their personal vision through working with these movies consistantly.

Additional Resources
mindmovie.net seems to be the site for those who coined the term
A video search for mindmovies seems to reveal many examples of these tools
http://www.youtube.com/user/Jryanhaber contains some other examples of mindmovies
Life coaching can be used to clarify personal vision


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