Taking Heart in the face of difficulty… a game for the embracing of what is

“I take to myself, my broken self,

my folly and my pain, my light and my dark,

every aspect of self that I can imagine and that which I cannot

and I am made whole”

I am calling this a game because we get to decide which metaphors we use in our interpretations of life, and because I want to invite all of us to be light and playful in our training, opening, and healing.

Work with the following affirmations for 5 to 10 minutes…

  • Even though I ____________, I love and accept myself for who I am right now.

Fill in the sentence with whatever wants to be said.  Release your filters and allow yourself to be uninhibited with your expression.

  • Place your hand on your heart and continue…
  • Place your hand on your throat and continue….
  • Place a couple of fingers lightly on your third eye and continue…


You can create and explore variation of this game in any of the following ways…

  • Change the sentence to even though _______, I surrender fully right now…
  • Go through all of the energetic centers of the body, and create affirmations for each of them
  • Tap on your energy centers, like your heart for example… while making the releases.
  • Take time after each affirmation to release anything within you that is ready to be released
  • Listen deeply while playing this game and adapt the structure to suit that which wants to come through

Where this came from

On the way home from my weekend I did a series of affirmations with the following open sentances.  I started with the first structure and went on to the second.  I felt alot of release and alot came out of me…  I give thanks for these tools, which I see as wonderful and fulfilling, and I offer this guide as a tool for the jedi’s in training… may we all experience wholeness…


Jedi in training


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