Ritual for times of transition… opening to grace

Ritual is a vehicle for cultivating our relationship with the non-physical.

The purpose of this ritual is to provide an opening or closing to an experience, such as a journey with friends, or a workshop dedicated to learning anything related to the numinescent… to spirit, cultivating intuition, learning yoga, or whatever.


Create a mandala by drawing a circle on the ground and delineating 4 quadrants by cutting it into quarters.   Individuals step into each quadrant and make statements that express that quadrants energy. Drawing the circle is easy in the forest or on the beach… if you would like to do this ritual indoors, find a perimeter and objects to symbolize each quadrant.

In this ritual, the 4 quadrants are dedicated to appreciation, acknowledgement, honor and the infinite.  When someone steps into the quadrant for appreciation, they allow themselves to feel appreciation and they express it with words.  The infinite is an open zone for anything that does not fit into the rest of the mandala, and the archetype of the trickster is specifically invited if it wants to come through… in this quadrant.

The individuals stand at the perimiter and take turns entering the mandala.  When someone enters… the others will witness them through their undivided attention.

Where it came from…

This was inspired by an amazing experience in Mendocino this past weekend, which has just come to completion now as I write these words, on Saturday Oct 25th, 2008.   With new friends, I journeyed on a train with a large number of costumed explorers, we stopped to hear an amazing band named “The Monophonics,” as they played deep in the redwoods.  After eating amazing food, dancing, and playing in the forest, we got back in the train and traveled back on to the starting point.  The train had a great dj, and we spent our trainride dancing to music in the open cars…  I spent my time playing with my shadow… breaking the rules of my inhibitions and identifications with role play, spontaneous improv ritual, and inviting others actively into the expression of thier spirit…

I have new affirmations for myself through this journey

The open sentance affirmations are filled in on the spot…

  • Even though ________, I love and accept myself for who I am right now…
  • Even though ________, I surrender fully right now.

And a couple of new prompts for my “Tools videos”

(as____ refers to prompts that invite me to explore different states of consciouness and to speak from those perspectives)

As the sage,

  • What are you calling forth?
  • Where is your creative energy going and where would you like it to be going?

As Yoda,

  • When does the training of a Jedi begin?
  • How do you, as yoda, know when a Jedi is ready to learn something?

Or, Alternatively these will address the true me, the field of awareness… the fully expanded, boundless expression and evolution of the realms of spirit which are at play within me.


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