Jedi Training

This article is an introduction to a training that I am putting together that will support folks in getting the most out of the experience of daily life.  If you are curious, read on, and please offer your comments and feedback below.


Jonathan Haber


All healers, artists, and spiritual seekers are called into council to begin the next phase of our training.

All persons invested in truth, open to inquiry, ready to learn, ready to release the old and bring forth the new are called to join us.

Jedi Training can be a doorway, available to those ready for it.  To step through this doorway represents a radical shift in what we know to be true…

Individuals who are ready for this training will be willing to let go of that which they have once known, and interested in calling forth the new.

We find ourselves in the midst of incredible change.  The time to reclaim our authentic potency and its creative expression is here.  You are called into your training.

  • Cultivate your capacity to move energy.
  • Open and harmonize your Energetic centers.
  • Experience yourself as every aspect of life, as every aspect of creation, and as the interconnectivity that weaves this web we call our lives.
  • Remember your capacity to travel through alternative states of consciousness
  • Re-experience seeing yourself, your visions, your ideals, and that which you are calling forth from non-dual perspectives and dualistic perspectives alike
  • Learn and understand the relevance of your creative power, and learn to align your internal landscape with that which you choose to call forth
  • Learn to recognize that which you have created to block your view, and to release it
  • Remember who you are not… and taste the richness of that which you are an expression of

Introduction (30 – 60m presentation)

The cyclical nature of conscious awareness and remembrance

  • upper limits
  • burnout
  • shifting states of consciousness
  • and drifting away from center

Central Points of Inquiry

  • Who are you?
  • What are you?
  • What are you calling forth?
  • What is the nature of the cosmos?
  • What is your relationship with the cosmos?
  • How can you tune into that?
  • What happens through you?
  • What are you ready to learn?


  • Learn role flexibility; expand constricted notions of self
  • Explore the central points of inquiry
  • Learn to recognize and release attachments
  • Learn to harmonize the energetic landscape of the physical and non-physical aspects of yourself
  • Learn to measure what you consider to be truth while you are in expression


  • Are you ready to release everything you know, everything you believe, and everything you desire for the sake of clear seeing and freedom?
  • Are you ready to see how your ways of seeing influence your sense of what you are capable of?
  • Are you ready to know who you are?
  • Are you ready to let go of every notion that you once held about who you are for the sake of knowing the truth?
  • Are you ready to experience yourself as a sage?
  • What would you call forth through your relationship with the non-physical?

How you are invited to participate

  • Assess what you are ready to learn and take full responsibility for learning it
  • Call your “guide” forth into his/her fullest expression
  • Speak with radical honesty
  • Embody curiosity
  • Learn to recognize and release attachments

Ways this information is invited to come through

  • Spontaneous Trainings
  • Role-Play and Channeling
  • Ritual and Ceremony
  • Creative Expression
  • Shadow-Play or Shadow-Work (depending on your perspective
  • Authentic Inquiry

For individuals interested in this journey… take the points of inquiry and offer a response.  Imagine you know exactly what is asked of you regardless of the vague nature of the questions… Also… look through the preparation questions and ask yourself if you have completed preparation.  If you have not, complete it.

At this point you are invited to respond to this post with your thoughts, and your application for apprenticeship will begin.  The contact number is 925.74.1862 and email is jryanhaber(at)…

Radical Honesty is both invited and essential…  your training begins today.


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