What resources do you have for goal setting, action step planning, and goal tracking?

This post is for anyone who would dream of a better life, for those of us who write down goals and pursue them, for those of us with aspirations and a willingness to take action.  And, of course, this post is for those who wonder how easy it can be to live their biggest personal visions.  (Not only can it be easy… but it must be easy…)

What resources do you have for goal setting, action step planning, and goal tracking?

Think about this one for a minute.

Most of us know that the term “gap” refers to the difference between where we are at and where we are going… yes?

And from that we know the term “gap management” – whether we are learning to be graceful and accepting with where we are at, or whether we are negotiating the terrain between where we are at and where we are headed, we refer to this as “gap managment”

So, what tools and resources have you found that have been effective at supporting your own “gap management?”
So, if you are a coach, what resources do you know of to help oversee the progress your clients are making?

Consider applications, websites, written documents, books… all of it…

And tell us both what the resource is, and how it influenced you.


I’ll start.

The philosophy of Gay and Kathleen Hendricks
Through their work, presented in a workshop via Diana Chapman, I learned the difference between my unconscious patterns and the experience of taking full responsibility of my life. I did not take this knowledge into my experience, and in relation to my goals I spent at least 95% of my attention and creative energy playing the “victim” or the “hero” – observing the world and people as fragmented…

I did, however, learn the difference, learn how to know when I was lying to myself, and learn how to tune into my bodies wisdom to test my theories. I learned that problems resolve effortlessly depending on my state of consciousness, and I got a conceptual understanding of how to shift, as well as a couple of experiential tastes…

Also, I learned that we can understand our state of consciousness like we understand nature, that it can be seen as cyclical, and I learned some fascinating perspectives once I had that basic foundation to build on. I made a video about states of consciousness and creative expression that I will post on youtube soon.. that goes over it… Ill let you all know when its up.

the Sedona Method
From my work with the Sedona Method I learned that most of what my life energy was going into was based on certain fundamental desires, and that releasing those desires would facilitate a “shift” in my state of consciousness, that would support me into entering what Diana Chapman refers to as “Ease and Flow.” When I combined the process of releasing my basic desires with the process of manifestation, I got some of my first experiences of effortless creation…
Goal Tribe

Goaltribe is a website that supports the processes of goal setting and goal tracking – a site dedicated to “gap management.” It provides coaches with an opportunity to track their clients and get new ones, and it provides everyone with tools for plotting out action steps and clarifying motivation related to their goals.

When I started using it, I was on a mission to create 12 new client relationships, and for the short time that my goal was current for me, It helped me hold myself accountable.

Ritual and Sacred Circle
In the process of studying the art of ritual and sacred circle with Joanna Macy, and facilitating some 50+ circles, I learned the distinction between calling forth that which I choose to experience versus striving towards that which I want. The former is how I intend to work with my goals now, and through this study I found that either most or all of the obstacles that I ran up against are a matter of my internal world, and that through the cultivation of my inner landscape, I would experience the state of consciousness that facilitates effortless creation…

This has become increasingly clear to me over the past couple of weeks since I started working with MindMovies…


Now that I have been working with these tools for about 2 weeks… and witnessed my entire world change form in response to the internal clearing process that flowed from my initial introduction to the concept of MindMovies, I can authentically say that this is probably one of the most powerful tools I have found for supporting “gap management.”

There are 2 kinds of MindMovies that have contributed to this…

The first is the concept I was given through mindmovies.com.

I was to watch the movies these folks had created every morning and every evening – first thing in the morning, last thing at night.

I liked that setup because It seems to line up with the recognition of value in dreamspace/dreamtime.

Basically, the folks on this website were telling me that I could use the “law of attraction” – something I had looked into and actually felt pretty turned off by – to expedite the process of creation.

I took their money video – all the videos had themes… and I watched it.

After being really impressed with the opportunity to release my internal resistance and how much lighter I felt after watching the movie, I started working with it daily.

And when I noticed my relationship with money start to change for the better, I started creating my own videos.

2 weeks later…

I was at EarthDance last weekend, and someone asked me how my “love” world was. I looked her in the eyes and responded with authenticity… “I feel super clear about what I am calling forth, and I am enjoying relaxing into that…”

I can’t tell you how good it feels in the moments when I realize I have a clear vision, and that I can relax into it.

This morning I was sitting on the porch and I watched my mind come up with the dialogue – on its own… I guess its ok to just relax right now, because over all, I am on the right track.

And hearing how often the words “I love my life” pop into my head.

The contrast from what I knew as my life a couple weeks ago and what I am experiencing today seems to be profound in my eyes.

Is it just the MindMovie concept that gets the credit? No, I am clear that a large part of what I am experiencing is that I know what I want, and a large part is that I am seeing my personal “gap management” as a sort of “calling forth,” an invocation… as If I truly have the power to create whatever it is that I want to experience.

And I get that acting from the place of calling forth that which I choose to experience vs. going after what I want is an ingredient.

And probably most significant, I must acknowledge the 2nd form that this mindmovie concept took to contribute to this… as well as every life learning that It reminds me of.

But, I need to give this concept of the mindmovie some credit, because when I watch my “big picture” mindmovie… It does a great job of reminding me of what I really, really want. It has its own life, it evolves, it sparks awareness, deconstructs itself, and grows new limbs…

I will not pretend to know why I am experiencing what I am, but I will say that I have been immersing myself in a regular, and at many times intensive study of human potential, success, spiritual unfoldment, and group facilitation for the sake of transformation for at least 6 years now, and I have known that the best way to claim new clients is to become that which they seek to become…

And something brand new, completely different, and altogether phenomenal is unfolding right now. I cant say it will last, and I cant pretend to “get it,” but It does appear that this morning and evening ritual is part of it… a cauldron perhaps… stirring up all the parts of me that wanted to hide, and frothing over into my room, my relationships, my money, and my sense of overall well being. Give thanks for that.

So –

  • What is a mindmovie and how do we make one?
  • And what is this other resource/permutation of the mindmovie that I have been working with?

Mindmovie 101

Take that which you want to experience in your life, and create statements that illustrate that you already are experiencing these things/qualities.

Drop them into a slideshow, add pictures that symbolize each one in between them.

Pick out the most inspiring audiotrack you have and drop that into the slideshow.

Watch it every evening, last thing before bed, and every morning..

Do this for 2 weeks and tell me what happens.

Ok.. Super basic, right? And not so tangible, right?

Want to know some of the tools that make it a bit more exciting?

Now, learn how to let the statement in.. try saying them out loud or silently while the movie plays, and notice any resistance that comes up in your body.

Now take it upon yourself to release any resistance in your body as you watch. Notice yourself getting closer to being able to watch these words, let them in, be with them as your truth, and to release anything that would stand in the way, internally.

Don’t know how to release? Post your desire for more info as a comment and we will expand on that, or check out my blog on the Sedona method, or just buy a copy of the book “the Sedona method”

Ok, want to make it even more interesting?
This first video is not designed to be specific.. its about the qualities that you want to experience, not the circumstances you want to experience. Make a map of the specific, measureable circumstances you want to experience in 3 months. Make a movie with statements that give thanks for the fact that you are already experiencing these circumstances… Watch it and release anything that comes up while you are watching it.

What we are doing with the releasing is recognizing the different ways that we are sabotaging and letting them go, we are recognizing that which stands in the way of effortless unfoldment and releasing it, and we are attuning to the state of mind that gay and kathleen refer to with the statement “ease and flow.”

This is the state of mind that Einstein referred to in his famous quote that “a problem cannot be solved from the same state of consciousness that created it.

Ok… what else…
I still have not divulged the other tool… Ill do that in a fresh post.


3 thoughts on “What resources do you have for goal setting, action step planning, and goal tracking?

  1. Great Post Jonathan! Thanks for sharing so many innovative strategies and your experiences with them.

    And thank you for mentioning GoalTribe! We’re working very hard to it a life-changing experience for people all over the world.

    So what tools and resources have I found that have been effective at supporting my own “gap management?”

    Here are a couple of ideas:

    1. The key to building any lasting value is cooperation. Think win-win all the time. Anytime you hurt someone in your efforts to improve your life, you’ve creating one more person working against you. Every time you support someone, you’ve created one more ally who is looking for ways to help you, even when you’re not around. The secret to business, relationships, happiness and everything else is being able to understand what someone else wants, and fullfilling it in amazing ways.

    2. Turn exercise into mental and emotional workout time. Whatever daily mental work you do, combining it with your workout, together with your listening to your favorite, motivating music, will totally turn your life around. While exercising, focus on gratitude, do your affirmations or visualizations, dream of your future, be sure you’ve got a posture of confidence and joy.

    Robin Krieglstein

  2. Hi Jonathan. Thanks for this very informative post. I would like to add two resources which I am finding invaluable right now that perhaps you can research. Particularly I don’t think the first one has enough press – Life Transformation System Z by Jorj Elprehzleinn. This is a beauty and a half. And also, we must not forget the Work of Byron Katie, surely? Thanks again.

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